PakWheels Car Mela Coming to Islamabad in October 2023 Islamabad Car Mela October 2023

Car Mela is a event where you can buy and sell cars. PakWheels organizes these kinds of Melas all over Pakistan in different cities on different dates each year. This Sunday PakWheels Car Mela is coming to Islamabad, Pakistan.

The exact day and date for the PakWheels Car Mela event of 2023 for Islamabad is Sunday, October 22, 2023. The event will start at 10:00 am and it will end on 05:00 pm. Sellers who are interested in selling the cars on the event have to pre-register their car or vehicle. They can even come and register on the date but then they will have to pay much higher. The pre-registration rates are much lower for some vehicle types. Also on the event day there may not be a spot left for you to register for.

According to PakWheels media pushed about the event, the venue for the event is 2F2F formula Karting Track which is situated near Lake View Park, Islamabad.

Registration Fee Details

If you want to register your car to display and sell your car in the Islamabad Car Mela, following are the charges you will have to pay to register your vehicles.

For All Registrations until Friday, October 20, 6pm

  • Cars upto 1000cc: Rs. 1500 PKR
  • Cars from 1001cc to 2000cc: Rs. 2000 PKR
  • Cars above 2000cc and all SUVs, Crossovers, 4×4 & German Cars: Rs. 25000 PKR

On Day Registration Price

Any registration done after Friday, October 20, 6PM will be considered as on day registration. The price for on day registration is flat rate of Rs. 3000 PKR for all vehicle types and CCs.

Make sure to register as early as possible, there may not be a spot left for you on the event day.

Registration Procedure

  • As a first step you need to fill an online form which can be found here.
  • Next you will receive a call from PakWheels, if you do not receive a call or missed it, u can call back on PakWheels helpline number: 042-111-943-357
  • Then you will send the money to PakWheels Bank Account.
  • After the payment is done and verified by PakWheels, PakWheels will issue a code for you, which will be sent to you via SMS/Whatsapp. Once that is done, your registration will be considered complete.

More about the event

On such Car melas the PakWheels teams are also available all the time. You can avail the PakWheels services like Car Inspection service, Car Registration / Transfer service, PakWheels auction sheet verification and more on the spot. PakWheels normally offers discounts in these services when offered on one of such events of PakWheels.

PakWheels will also probably have their stall where you can buy the car care products which are offered by PakWheels. You will definitely get to meet some PakWheels guys if you visit the event, specially the ones you watch on youtube channel of PakWheels.

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