Suzuki Pakistan Bikes Prices Increased in the Feb 2023

Pakistan’s economy have recently been under pressure, due to which Pakistan currency value dropped as compared to foreign currencies, specially the international trade currency which is US Dollars. Also there were curbs on import directly or as a result of policies of Pakistan’s government. All of this resulted in increase of bikes and cars prices by almost all the car and bike makers of Pakistan. Suzuki Pakistan bikes prices have also been increased in the Feb 2023, recently, due to the same issues.

The details of Pak Suzuki bikes prices change, old and prices are as follows.

Bike ModelNew PriceOld PriceDifference
Suzuki GD 110S290,000264,50026,000
Suzuki GS 150315,000286,00029,000
Suzuki GSX 125422,000384,00038,000
Suzuki GR 150451,000410,00041,000

The new prices are already effective from 9th of February 2023 on all new purchases of Suzuki Bikes in Pakistan. This specific page shows the details of price increase in the prices of Suzuki bikes in Feb 2023. However, if you are seeing this page in future, there is a chance that the prices listed on this page are old. So to see latest prices of Suzuki bikes check our dedicated page for new Suzuki bikes prices in Pakistan.

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