Obama’s administration urged to reconsider relationship with Pakistan on Bin Laden issue

The leaders of US Congress are now putting pressure on their government to reconsider the relationships with Pakistan. According to them Pakistani intelligence would have known about the fact that Osama is in Pakistan and they would have helped him stay in Pakistan.

This is very unfortunate that US other then recognizing the Pakistan’s efforts in War against terror are still talking against the Pakistan. This is more likely more of US’s war and Pakistan have lost much in this war that includes the man power plus the trust of the International investors only due to the country’s worsened security situation.

Still if the efforts are not recognized by US, it is issue on part of US government, they need to straighten their facts. Pakistan have chosen itself already as America’s allies in this war against terror, but when you start suspecting your own allies, things don’t work out too well.

Another statement coming out from washington said

We did not have any proof that Pakistan knew about Osama’s location but we can not rule out the possibility.

This is truly statement that says it all, means US still does not trust their important allies in America’s war against terror. If Pakistan would have knew about him and wanted to protect him, then there was no way for US forces to locate and kill him. And why on earth Pakistan will try to protect a person who is accused of mass murder.

Few questions though can also be raised about US, why they preferred to kill this person, why not capture him and run a trial against him in their own judiciary. Moreover this would have cleared their misconceptions of Pakistan protecting Osama.

US need to recognize the effort’s of their number one allies (Pakistan) whichever they have done in this on going war against terror.

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