Comatose Shahzaib Bajwa’s family raises USD $46000 plus online in two days to save his life but they will need more

Shahzaib Bajwa Who is in Comma Right Now
Shahzaib Bajwa a Bright Pakistani Student Who is in Comma Right Now

Shahzaib Bajwa is a bright Pakistani University student who happened to go to United States’s University of Wisconsin-Superior through to spend one semester there through a student exchange program between a local university and University of Wisconsin-Superior. In November he was traveling in car which was taking him to back to University from the city Minneapolis, car struck a deer and accident was so bad that Bajwa have got severe fractures on his face. He is also in comma ever since.

He had travel insurance but amount is too small, also his visa is expiring on Feb 28th, 2014 and insurance company wants to spend this money on bringing back Shahzaib to Pakistan, also its heard that they are threatening that if he is not brought back before visa expiry date, insurance amount will be withdrawn.

Shahzaib’s brother however insists that bringing him back at this moment will be like killing him. Local hospital in United States (US) called St Mary’s Medical Center is currently treating him free and have spent USD $350,000 on him but this will soon change and as soon as visa expiry date of shahzaib ends his family will have to pay huge expenses for his treatment. His father had died earlier and family have to rely on his pension, also they will be selling some property as well for the treatment. It as well is not going to hold up as costs are much higher.

Keeping this situation in view Shahzaib’s brother Shahraiz Bajwa have setup an online fund raising campaign on to help raising money for his brother’s treatment so his life can be saved. Campaign’s target was set as USD $100,000 and in just 2 days campaign have crossed $46,500 USD figure but target is yet to be achieved. By clicking above online campaign may be seen and money can be contributed to it to save kids life. Plus for further assurance the above mentioned campaign link is authentic and it can be verified in newly published news article about Shahzaib Bajwa on Dawn News website. Kids visa also needed to extended so family have applied for visa extension but govt have not yet rewarded it yet. So they have also started an online petition on which is signed by 4000 people till date but much more needed to get it noticed. You also sign the Shahzaib’s Visa extension petition here.

Above all this kid also needs our prayers, lets pray for him as well, so this bright Pakistani student can be brought back to country in all his best health. May Allah bless him with best of health.

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