A Brave and Responsible Citizen Athar Yad Ali Stops a Driver-less Truck on a Pakistani Motorway

Athar Yad Ali was traveling on Lahore Islamabad motorway when he and his family witnessed a driver-less truck which was repeatedly hitting the concrete barricades of motorway which divide the incoming and on going traffic. The driver and the co-driver had already jumped out of truck as the breaks of truck were failed. Truck was going on and on, on the sloppy terrain. It was not just any truck it was a monster 22 wheeler truck.

First when the Athar Yad Ali and his family witnessed the truck, Athar was driving the Car and his son was making the video. Athar Yad Ali had no intention at first to jump out of his car and run for truck to stop it. But when he realized that terrain ahead is even more sloppy, lots of other people are traveling on the motorway and this speeding driver-less truck may indeed result hazardous and can claim may lives by hitting or by blocking the way of other high speed vehicles on motorway and getting hit. Athar Yad Ali jumped out of his car, by risking his own life he ran for the truck to stop it, only just to save lives of other people traveling on the road and keeping them out of danger.

Just before jumping off his car, his family insisted on keeping his own business but the guy did not listened to them. He put himself and his family on risk and ran for the greater cause. When he jumped out, his son tried to follow him and Allah saved him from being hit by a coming vehicle.

Ather Yad Ali in matter of few seconds after jumping from his car was inside the driver cabin of the 22 wheeler. He tried to get into driver seat, which according to him was difficult, as door was pushed inside due to truck had continuously hit the concrete barriers on side of road. Athar Yad Ali tried to stop the truck by pushing the breaks which he had idea already are failed. Later on after trying few things, he figured out only way to stop this ongoing monster is keep hitting it on concrete barriers between income and ongoing traffic. Which itself was dangerous but only workable plan.

For more than two kilometers Athar Yad Ali kept trying to slow down the truck to eventually stop it. While pushing the truck to the concrete, Athar says for some area he had to let the truck go on, speed up to keep it on right path. The truck had jumped several times, the jumps of 4 feet. You can only try to imagine how scary it would be to be inside a 22 wheeler and feeling the 4 feet jump. Later, on the way motorway police also seen him trying to stop the truck, they than started guiding him about the path. Finally he was able to stop the truck. No one was injured in the process, thanks to bravery of Athar Yad Ali.

Athar says in his Dunya tv interview, after he stopped the truck, jumped out to tell the motorway police to put stuff in front of tires etc so it does not move again, policemen told him to not worry about that, first you deserve a warm hug for all you did. Just after Athar Witnessed people literally crying, the people who have seen Athar doing this act of bravery for safety of others.

Athar Yad Ali After Stopping the Monster 22 Wheeler Drvierless truck in Background
Athar Yad Ali After Stopping the Monster 22 Wheeler Drvierless truck in Background

After the video is first uploaded to internet, the story was picked up by social media and later on tv channels picked it and gone to interview the person. Ather Yad Ali may be (in fact he is) the famous person today but if you watch the first video, while he jumped out of his vehicle to stop the on going monster, only thing in his mind was to keep the other people traveling on the road safe, even if it means hurting himself. The fascinating thing is he fought for stopping the truck for stretch of two kilometers and did not thought of jumping back out regardless of difficulties he was facing in there.

Following is the interview video of Athar Yad Ali which was taken by Dunya News TV.

In our society we really need such people who put the safety and security of others above their own. Whatever Athar did, we need more acts like that. More people fighting for others by compromising their own selves. I respect the kind of person he proved to be.

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