Release of 100 was demanded by GHQ attackers

Major General Ather Abbas the military spokesman talked to the media on Monday and revealed the detailed information about the GHQ attack and operation in reply. He told that initially ten militants had attacked the GHQ building and five of them were actually taken down on first check post.¬† Overall death-toll at GHQ was 23 people. The attackers who were able to get through and held 42 hostages had their demands as well. They had initially demanded the release of 100 militants. These militants were arrested in different terrorism incidents, this was there initial demand and most likely more were coming up. But commando forces of Pakistan make this impossible for them be in position of getting any of demands […]

Twenty more people arrested in connection with GHQ attack

As previously when Pakistan Army wrapped up the operation at GHQ they had arrested Aqeel alias Dr. Usman. Now after some investigations Army arrested twenty more people in connection with Aqeel. Breaking into this locked house police men found the six army name plates, rank signs, army rank ribbons, fuse for rocket propped grenades, anti-tank mine fuse and some¬† other weapons. Army had already located the owner of a rent house in Humak and arrested him. Police had raided into the house after they received the information about some suspected people in army uniforms going into the house. However while the raiding into house police was not able to arrest anyone as they had broken into the locked house. This […]

Gun attack on federal minister for religious affairs

Islamabad, near melody food Park the federal minister for religious affairs was attacked by armed men and was wounded in the incident. His driver was shot dead in the incident, however he just got some serious wounds. Also a bullet caused the compound fracture in lower leg of federal minister for religious affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi. His vehicle was attacked by two armed men, who were riding a motorcycle, as soon as they came across Hamid’s vehicle they opened fired killing the driver of car and causing serious injuries to minister. Also minister’s guard was seriously injured in the incident. Minister Hamid himself is now out of any life risk now.

Police registers FIR against former president Musharraf

Tuesday, 9am police registered FIR against the former President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf. FIR was registered about his acts against judges of superior courts. Charges include dismissing the judges illegally and detaining the judges and their families to their houses. According to FIR these acts were performed illegally in collaboration with some of other judges which were also appointed by Musharraf illegally. Contents of FIR charge Musharraf with many things which include, damaging the judicial system of Pakistan, causing the mental torture to the lawyers and civilian population of Pakistan. Also he is charged with bringing the bad name to Pakistan all over the world. Police team have been already formed which will investigate the matter under supervision of […]

Blast in choor chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

A motor bike targeting a govt bus, on choor chowk, Peshawar road Rawalpindi Cantt, killed 1 person and injuring 29 people. Not only that bus a number of other vehicles were also destroyed in the incident. Also the glasses of nearby buildings were broken. specifically fuel tank of bus was targeted to achieve maximum damage. Most of the injured are shifted to the DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi and Remaining are shifted to Military Hospital Rawalpindi Saddar. In the injured people 6 of them are in serious condition.