Release of 100 was demanded by GHQ attackers

GHQ Rawalpindi AttackMajor General Ather Abbas the military spokesman talked to the media on Monday and revealed the detailed information about the GHQ attack and operation in reply. He told that initially ten militants had attacked the GHQ building and five of them were actually taken down on first check post.  Overall death-toll at GHQ was 23 people.

The attackers who were able to get through and held 42 hostages had their demands as well. They had initially demanded the release of 100 militants. These militants were arrested in different terrorism incidents, this was there initial demand and most likely more were coming up. But commando forces of Pakistan make this impossible for them be in position of getting any of demands fulfilled. A prompt action took down four more militants and arrested one of them which was a great success.

Arrested one enabled Pakistani security forces to arrest more suspects. According to latest information about 24 more people have been arrested in connection with the arrested Aqeel alias Dr. Usman.

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