Toyota vehicle prices increased third time in the 2023

Pakistan is facing many difficulties with its economy, the lowering foreign currency reserves and deterioration in the value of local currency. On top of it, there are ever growing debts. Some of these factors and their consequences are affecting the local auto industry as well. The auto manufacturers of Pakistan first face the challenge in opening Letter of Credits (LCs) with banks, in order to import the completely knock down (CKD) vehicle kits, which are used to manufacture the vehicles. As mostly the automakers of Pakistan relying on importing the CKD kits for manufacturing the vehicles instead of localisation of Parts manufacturing. So after not being able to import any supplies, the auto manufacturers of Pakistan left without supplies, being […]

Pak Suzuki to stop production again now in Feb 2023

As recently Pakistani automakers are facing hard time keeping the production up due to difficulties they are facing. There are many challenges faced by the auto manufacturers of Pakistan, which all are direct result of bad economy of the country. The one most relevant here is, being unable to imported the needed supplies, specially completely knocked down (CKD) vehicle kits, to manufacture the vehicles due to being unable to open the Letter of Credits (LCs) with banks after the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) imposed lots of restrictions in order to keep the foreign currency inside country, as recently Pakistan’s foreign currency reserves have been falling to dangerously low levels, falling below 3 billion US dollars in the month of […]

Pak Suzuki cars prices increased now in the Feb 2023

Pak Suzuki have once again increased its cars prices in year 2023. The first increase came in Jan 2023. However, as the local currency have deteriorated further, Suzuki Pakistan is again forced to increase its cars’ prices once again in the current year. Like other auto manufacturers of Pakistan, Suzuki Pakistan also relies on the import of completely knocked down (CKD) cars kits to manufacture its cars. This means any fluctuations in the value of local currency will direct impact the company. Following are the old and new prices after the second Pak Suzuki prices increase in Feb 2023. Car Make & Model New Price Old Price Difference Suzuki Alto VX 2,034,000 1,859,000 175,000 Suzuki Alto VXR 2,359,000 2,156,000 203,000 […]

Millat tractors prices increased in the Feb 2023

Pakistan auto industry is in great trouble right now. As of now, our readers may have idea about the factors which are increasing the costs of auto makers of Pakistan. To summarize, these are mainly the cost increase as a direct result of local currency deterioration and the curbs on imports by govt institutions. These curbs could be direct or indirect, due to govt policies. Which makes it difficult for auto makers to import enough supplies, to keep continuously producing the vehicles, hence increasing the costs as result of production plant’s down hours. Along with the makers of Cars and Bikes, now the makers of tractors are also forced to increase their prices to keep their companies profitable. Millat tractors […]

Honda cars prices increased again now in the Feb 2023

Just recently in the Jan 2023 Honda Pakistan had increased its cars’ prices, however, in Feb 2023 Honda is again forced to increase their car prices due to the difficulties which the whole auto industry of Pakistan is facing. These difficulties include the increase of cost of making vehicles due to the local currency devaluation against international currencies like US Dollar. Difficulties like hurdles in opening Letter of Credits (LCs) for the import of car kits. Anyways, Honda has once again announced a price hike in the prices of its cars. Details of new and old prices are as follows. Car Make Model New Price Old Price Increase Honda Civic Standard (Automatic, Petrol) 7,299,000 6,849,000 450,000 Honda Civic Oriel (Automatic, […]