Government Fails in Solving Natural Gas Shortage Issues Once Again

burnerAnother year have passed, 2014 is ending soon but problems of People of Pakistan are still very much same. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) which came in power after making so much promises to Pakistani people have been unable to pay attention to more important issues. Major Problems Pakistani People are facing right now are related to Power and Natural Gas Shortage. Natural Gas Shortage was very much severe in last year had to be better this year according to ruling party PML-N as they were planning to import Liquid Natural Gas(LNG) in Dec 2014 and put on National household consumer distribution pipelines.

But as we are approaching the December 2014, latest from government is they will not be able to import LNG before Feb or even March 2015. The house hold consumers are already feeling the chilled burners effect. Specially on days when CNG is open for vehicles. As we will go into further cold weather in winter season which is only just starting, there will be much more problems like last years.

Current PML-N led government seems no better than any previous government as its making and breaking the promises with Pakistani people in same fashion as previous Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had been doing. If Nawaz and his fellows have to come back in power after next elections they must immediately put full attention to two biggest issues of Power and Gas Shortage.

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