Higher Education Commission issued a notice to Ex-Parliamentarians instructing them to get degrees verified till 5th April, 2013

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parlimentarian-degress-pakistanJust the government of Pakistan People Party (PPP) is gone and care taker government took over. The winds of change are already blowing. Lots of efforts are being made from Pakistani Supreme court, High courts (Provincial courts), Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP) and Higher Eduction Commission (HEC) to make sure that Pakistan General Elections 2013 are free and fair. HEC is in process of verifying the degrees of former parliamentarians. They have already cleared some degrees and proved some of them as fake, which resulted in imprisonment of Ex Parliamentarians.

Recently, HEC issued a notice to former parliamentarians about getting their degrees verified till at most 5th of April. This notice reads as follows.

Public Notice for Ex-Parliamentarians for Degree Attestation

In pursuance of Supreme Court Judgement dated 1st April 2013, all those Ex-Parliamentarians (MNAs/Senitors/MPAs) who have not yet verified through HEC are requested to have them verified before April 5, 2013 by providing original degrees, original SSC/HSSC or equivalent certificate and copy of National Identity Card.

All HEC regional centers (Quetta, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar) and Head Office Islamabad will remain open till midnight in this regard.

Director General (A & A), Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Now following are the copies of press releases by HEC in this regard.

Notice Press Release in English Language
Notice Press Release in English Language
Notice Press Release in Urdu Language
Notice Press Release in Urdu Language

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Software worth $1.5 Million USD ready with NADRA for voting from Pakistani citizens living in foreign countries

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Pakistan online voting system for Pakistanis abroadNational Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have successfully completed $1.5 million worth piece of software to facilitate the Pakistani nationals living abroad. Now these Pakistanis living¬† abroad will be able to use their right of vote through an online system. These Pakistani citizens will have to visit an online polling both nearest to their currently residential area in their current foreign country. Their vote will directly be recorded into the NADRA’s database here in Pakistan and later will be handed over to Election Commission of Pakistan for inclusion into results of area where in Pakistan that person belongs. NADRA will reportedly not disclose the details like which person voted which party or person but more generalized information will be handed over like 4002 people voted XYZ in area of Rawalpindi.

These supported countries include Saudi Arabia and other countries (mostly Arabian) where Pakistani people are huge in numbers. This is huge initiative made possible by NADRA and ECP, so that now overseas Pakistanis will be able to use their right of vote without traveling to Pakistan.

Permission from the involved countries is also taken and NADRA officials will travel to these countries as early as 5th of April, 2013 so that can establish those Online Polling Stations in many different areas of designated countries.

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Register your vote for Pakistan Elections 2013

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In Pakistan their is a rule that you have to register or at least confirm the existence of your name in voter lists before each elections. This time in order to make the voting process fair new registrations were taking place and lots of old names were removed.

Election Commission of Pakistan officially announced that preparation of voter lists are complete, also from now on now one will be knocking on your main gate to confirm if every one from your home is listed with election commission.

However, you can visit the election commission regional office of your region or call on certain phone numbers they have for each area to confirm if your name is there in voter list along with your National ID Card (NIC) Number.

Its right and responsibility of every individual to take part in elections and vote the person/party who he/she thinks can run things better in your area/country. If you will actually get out on election day and vote the correct person, it will bring the positive change and will be better for your own as well as country’s future.

What if you are not given permission to vote on elections day because your name is not voter lists. Do visit the elections commissions regional office of your city or area and make sure your name/your family’s names have been added to the list. If they are not there, do fill a form and submit it there. They have separate forms for individuals or you can ask them for form through which you will be able to register all of your family members, they are the forms which can have info of multiple people. Why not you just download it from here, fill in the form and submit it in the nearest election commission office.

The page linked above have those forms in image format but what you need to download is PDF, just below the images there is a link to PDF. Download that file, print it and submit it to nearest Elections Commission of Pakistan office. Don’t get confused by deadline dates, they have been extended twice, you still have time but need to hurry this time.

All of those who are aiming to bring the positive change by voting any existing or upcoming good politician, must take care of this critical step of getting vote registered. Also, this time when you got to vote think of it a power in your hands blessed by Allah, do use it for greater good of all Pakistanis not for any temporary incentive you are being offered. Do get good people on board for next five years.

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Vote registration form for Pakistan elections 2013

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The voter verification and registration period was just extended by the elections commission of Pakistan recently after the registration process was not completed within previous deadline.

If your vote is not yet registered, get it registered as soon as possible, so that you can vote in upcoming Pakistan elections which are scheduled to held in 2013. Being able to cast the vote is right of every citizen. Where as actually going and casting the vote is responsibility of every citizen. Your vote is very important, it decides your future, so I will insist that you get your vote registered, so that on day of election you are able to actually cast the vote. The vote registration process for Pakistan elections 2013 is fully described further below into the post.

I was recently visited by the verification team from election commission, they check your records or otherwise if your or anyone in family don’t have their vote registered, they provide you with the form which can be filled with information of multiple people in your family.

Following are images showing the nature of forms, also after images I will link to a downloadable PDF containing the ‘vote Registration form for Pakistan elections 2013’. You can print this PDF, fill info of all family members and submit into the election commission office of your area.

Vote registration form Pakistan, page 1
Vote registration form Pakistan, Page 2 - This page is only to be filled by Muslim Voters

Above were just the screens, download the printable form here: Vote Registration Form

To download the printable form in pdf format, right click the link above, choose “Save Link as” or “Save Target as” and save on desired location. You will need to “Adobe Reader” to open this file, you can download for free from internet, if you don’t have installed already.

If you are not visited by the Pakistan elections commission staff yet, just download the form, fill it and submit to the “Assistant Election commissioner / Registration officer” in your area. To get information about ‘Registration officer’ of your area you can call on following numbers.

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Election Commission of Pakistan revealed issue of bogus votes continues in the new voter lists

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As the finalization of new voter lists is underway and the due date for those lists completion is round the corner as they were suppose to be completed by the up coming 30th of September. But with just five days remaining, the election commission identified the issue with the newly prepared voter lists. According to Election commission they found the 37 million people on voters lists which could not be confirmed. These unconfirmed voters belong to areas all over the country.

FATA had about 7 million, Punjab 8 million, Sindh over 5 million and Islamabad found to have 1.2 million unconfirmed voters on newly created voter lists. Same is the story with the voter lists prepared from other areas of country, totaling up to 37 million bogus voters on lists.

Way after the last elections held in 2008, Election Commission of Pakistan had identified the more that 40 million bogus voter on voter lists which were used in last elections. Considering those the current mandate of the ruling party does not even look genuine.

If history repeats it self and the next elections are again held on base of bogus voter lists, this would be disastrous for the people of the country and this would come back to haunt nation. This country is in no position to take another government that is based on the bogus votes, so this matter should be taken care of in the right way in supervision of Election Commission of Pakistan. Hope the authorities are doing their good to resolve the issue and bring the genuine people on the lists, taking off the bogus/unidentified entries.

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