Register your vote for Pakistan Elections 2013

In Pakistan their is a rule that you have to register or at least confirm the existence of your name in voter lists before each elections. This time in order to make the voting process fair new registrations were taking place and lots of old names were removed.

Election Commission of Pakistan officially announced that preparation of voter lists are complete, also from now on now one will be knocking on your main gate to confirm if every one from your home is listed with election commission.

However, you can visit the election commission regional office of your region or call on certain phone numbers they have for each area to confirm if your name is there in voter list along with your National ID Card (NIC) Number.

Its right and responsibility of every individual to take part in elections and vote the person/party who he/she thinks can run things better in your area/country. If you will actually get out on election day and vote the correct person, it will bring the positive change and will be better for your own as well as country’s future.

What if you are not given permission to vote on elections day because your name is not voter lists. Do visit the elections commissions regional office of your city or area and make sure your name/your family’s names have been added to the list. If they are not there, do fill a form and submit it there. They have separate forms for individuals or you can ask them for form through which you will be able to register all of your family members, they are the forms which can have info of multiple people. Why not you just download it from here, fill in the form and submit it in the nearest election commission office.

The page linked above have those forms in image format but what you need to download is PDF, just below the images there is a link to PDF. Download that file, print it and submit it to nearest Elections Commission of Pakistan office. Don’t get confused by deadline dates, they have been extended twice, you still have time but need to hurry this time.

All of those who are aiming to bring the positive change by voting any existing or upcoming good politician, must take care of this critical step of getting vote registered. Also, this time when you got to vote think of it a power in your hands blessed by Allah, do use it for greater good of all Pakistanis not for any temporary incentive you are being offered. Do get good people on board for next five years.

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9 thoughts on “Register your vote for Pakistan Elections 2013

    1. Well we need to change this thinking here in Pakistan. The people who actually are educated don’t even vote and those who are given temporary incentives from the politicians do vote. This makes the wrong people selected, in turn the people of Pakistan suffer.

      Don’t ever keep your thinking at not voting but from your own perception and research find the better of em all, then vote him or her, this is better for out own greater good or else we will keep suffering like we are from last many years.

      People are at moon and going beyond, we are just unable to fulfill daily needs like Electricity, Gas or fuel for our traveling…


      I will do a full post on this soon.

  1. How does it work for overseas pakistanis who have not got their votes registered???? please reply soon… I was not interested to vote before but now I am regretting to not have registered my vote… I want to use my vote so that i dont have to regret again for not doing it. Please help me out.

  2. Living in Karachi for 15 years. Despite verification, votes have been registered in the province of permanent address. How is it possible to go hundreds of miles to cast vote. Correction of permanent address in NADRA is also not an easy job. Why the present address is not being treated as voting area. ECP should also accept request for voter registration on e-mails particularly on present/current address.

  3. Great work. I’ve subscribed to the feed. surprised to have found a blog site this great.

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