Honda bike prices increased in the April 2023

From last few months, increase in cars or specially bike prices have been a normal and usual thing. Every now and then the cars and bikes companies are increasing the prices of their products. There are many reasons behind it, however, everything goes down to struggling Pakistan’s economy. The factors include the increasing taxes from government, the deteriorating local currency value as well as direct or indirect curbs in imports. In a latest development, Atlas Honda Pakistan have increased prices of its bikes in Pakistan.

The new prices of Honda bikes, are applicable from April 01, 2023. The old prices, new prices and the details of difference in prices are as follows.

Bike Model & ModelNew PriceOld PriceIncrease
Honda CD 70149,000144,9005000
Honda CD 70 Dream160,900155,5005400
Honda Pridor197,900190,5007400
Honda CG125222,900214,9008000
Honda CG 125 SE265,900255,90010000
Honda CB 125F365,900350,90015000
Honda CB 150F458,900443,90015000
Honda CB150F SE462,900447,90015000

From several months, it is really hard to keep track of cars and bikes prices. They are changing every month, sometimes more than once in a single month. The most affected in this case are the end consumers, who are unable to plan for a purchase properly.

Currently the things in Pakistan’s struggling economy are so unstable that no company or individual can assure you until when these prices will remain valid. So, if you are visiting this page after April 2023, I recommend you to go and see our dedicated page for latest Honda Bike Prices, where we keep them updated all the time, in the contrary, this was just an update about the new price hike in the beginning of April 2023.

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