Check phone SIMs registered using a specific NIC in Pakistan

It has been quite a while when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had first introduced this facility. Previous they were providing this service only SMS, then a semi functional Web Interface was there. But now they came up with a new web interface for this, which seem to be more efficient. So following are the possibilities to use this service. Check Via SMS: No matter what cell phone operator you are using inside Pakistan, just compose an SMS message with your National ID Card number as message text and send it to 668, in reply you will receive the number of SIMs registered using your NIC number for each network. Check Via Web Interface: Just visit 668 Online service Page, enter your […]

USB 3.0 on the way to your computer

Universal Serial Bus (USB) medium came a very much long way facilitating us with the amazing speeds of its times. USB continues to amaze as its coming out with its new high speed versions in every age. Now USB 3.0 is on the way to your computers and you will be using it soon. Before we go into the details of features of USB 3.0 lets go back to times when USB was first introduced and look on how its evolved. Back in 1996 companies like Intel, Microsoft and Compaq introduced and started giving support for this medium. The first version USB 1.0 provided the abilities like connecting the devices to computer without restarting it and also using same one […]

City-wise service quality of different cellular networks of Pakistan

PTA previously conducted a survey of service quality of different cellular networks in different cities. This survey checked the service in terms of different factors which include service availability, service retain-ability and speech quality. This was a great effort by PTA in order to protect consumer rights, the standards were set against each factor which must be followed by telecommunication companies and finally to let consumers know about current situation of services city-wise results were posted on PTA’s official website few days ago. We have grabbed them in order to let more people know about it, see following results prepared and published by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. Such measures show that the regulatory authorities like PTA are doing their job well, […]

Share content using torrent, how to create torrent to share files

As we are committed to bring info to our readers, here we go, this time we are hitting technology. Simple but great solution if you have something to share with your friends, family, colleagues or over the Internet. Lets say you was on a trip with your friends on last weekend, you may have a good number of photos and videos form last trip, oh and everyone else is interested in getting them. You can go upload them on some file sharing solutions, oh wait a minute, they may have max file size restrictions or they may also limit download speed for your friends aiming to download your uploaded data. So, there is a better solution to this, simply create […]

Watch TV via internet using FireFox

Did you always searched for a good Internet TV solution, which brings you the world wide TV channel which are not available via cable TV your country. Stop thinking more than required, go switch on you TV set and watch available TV channels. If not then here is second best solution which is called TV-Fox TV-Fox is firefox add-on, you can just install it in less than 1 minute time and enjoy unlimited channels from all over the world. From firefox’s very own browsing window click TV icon and select channels of your choice and enjoy TV while working via always on top TV window. You can also watch TV in full screen mode. There is absolutely no registration required, […]