Pakistan can produce enough electricity to power whole world for many years

I have put some thoughts into the matter of electricity shortage in the country, done some research and it was evident in matter of minutes that Pakistan electricity shortage is not due to the lack of resources but its artificial and only is only there due to the negligence of so called leaders of Pakistan, the people who been in power and have been running the country or have been looting the country in other words. Powering the world really?, oh what I have said, I have put myself trouble here, can I back this statement by facts? Yes I can. I will now provide the evidence below how Pakistan can power the whole world for years. Everyone knows that […]

Pakistan Losses 90% of Water in Rivers Each Year Due to Lack of Dams

Water situation in the country is becoming worse than it seems, our rivers are now drying and one of main reasons for this is a large number of dams built by India on rivers coming to Pakistan. But if I blame India for worsening water condition in Pakistan it will be very unfair and here is how. There are seasons when our rivers are full of water, all our big dams like Mangla, Tarbaila and other smaller ones are full of water, this is time to store all the water for bad times. But what happens is all the access water goes to the ocean due to less storage or in other words due to less dams are available. Even […]

Electricity load shedding situation brought under control says Minister for Water and Power

The Pakistani minister for water and power Naveed Qamar told the media last night that they have to some extent controlled the load shedding situation and the production is brought to 12400 Megawatts (MW) from the 9000 MW which was being produced before. By the way, does someone did not told minister that the production was down to just 7500 MW, same thing had caused the worst short fall of history. Minister Naveed Qamar also claimed that the production will be back to 14000 MW within next 48 hours. I personally doubt that, as about same is the requirement of country’s power requirement, considering the load shedding which had been there from long time without any pauses, you can tell […]

City-wise service quality of different cellular networks of Pakistan

PTA previously conducted a survey of service quality of different cellular networks in different cities. This survey checked the service in terms of different factors which include service availability, service retain-ability and speech quality. This was a great effort by PTA in order to protect consumer rights, the standards were set against each factor which must be followed by telecommunication companies and finally to let consumers know about current situation of services city-wise results were posted on PTA’s official website few days ago. We have grabbed them in order to let more people know about it, see following results prepared and published by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. Such measures show that the regulatory authorities like PTA are doing their job well, […]

Darkness follows the nation, administration unable to fulfill promises

31st Dec 2009 was the third deadline given by ruling party in order to finish off the electricity load shedding from the nation once and for all. But few statements from the officials and on going load shedding in winter seasons when the electricity usage is very less in compared to the summer made it clear that current ruling party would unfortunately will not be able to do it. One thing this country kept seeing right from beginning to date is unfulfilled promises. Current ruling party who claim to have vision to change things and put the country on the way of economic growth have been in government many times but unfortunately they have not been able to tackle with […]