The dark age continues, Govt still says, lights ahead

In 2008 first time the ruling party had claimed that the load shedding will be taken away from the people of Pakistan once and for all on 31st Dec, 2008.  But they didn’t make it, in fact they were not able to bring any improvement. The things were better before, as compared to their rule. Soon after the ruling party changed their statements, probably they would have checked and planned on back-end, they came up saying the issue of power shortage will be resolved till the June 2009 and the people would have to bare with them. This time this seem to bit realistic and people thought, ok believe them. But again, as history repeats itself, ruling party was unable […]

Electricity and Phone Line poles distracting Nature

The concept of having the underground lining and underground piping really rocks. In that case you don’t have mess of wires everywhere but unfortunately in Pakistan nothing have been thought about this and all the cities and areas other than Islamabad run on concept of overhead lining for Phone and Electricity. This mess of over head wires sometimes just mess with nature but other times they are dangerous for lives in areas where they are slightly old. Looking on the traditions of corporations here, most of them would say they can’t do anything about existing infrastructure but my suggestion is that they can at least think of using underground lining concept for infrastructure yet to built. Of-course this post is […]

PTCL operations go on halt, strike continues

After having my land-line phone dead from several days, when I just visited the nearby PTCL exchange I came to know that strike by PTCL employees is still continued. The people who are really on strike are the line-men, means no one can have their phone-line fixed if you get the problem in these days. I had visited the exchange after there was no response by PTCL on my complaints from last few days, but came to know can’t get my phone-line fixed till strike by line-men get over. Not only me there were few other people complaining same thing that they need to get their lines fixed as soon as possible. Reminding that this strike was started few days […]