Pakistan can produce enough electricity to power whole world for many years

I have put some thoughts into the matter of electricity shortage in the country, done some research and it was evident in matter of minutes that Pakistan electricity shortage is not due to the lack of resources but its artificial and only is only there due to the negligence of so called leaders of Pakistan, the people who been in power and have been running the country or have been looting the country in other words.

Powering the world really?, oh what I have said, I have put myself trouble here, can I back this statement by facts? Yes I can. I will now provide the evidence below how Pakistan can power the whole world for years. Everyone knows that Pakistan have hundreds of billions of tons of natural resources embedded in its soil all over the country. Awfully amazing thing is that everyone knows about them, including the administrations of country but they have not been extracted effectively and never been used for betterment of country.

Let us have a look on all of these resources and how they can be used for resolving power related problems of Pakistan along with other ways possible in Pakistan to generate power. Including the ones which can provide cheap energy and on same time they are Eco friendly or environment friendly.

Pakistan Coal Reserves
Pakistan have estimated 185.175 billion tons of coal reserves. This commodity alone is enough to Power Pakistan for hundreds of years without single second of power interruption. Country can sell a little part of same commodity for generating the revenue to put the coal power generation plants in place.

Nuclear Energy Generation Potential
Pakistan also is blessed with resources as well as the technology to generate electricity by building more nuclear power plants. Dr. Abdul Qadeer the mastermind of Pakistani’s Atomic Program has multiple times brought this idea further but unfortunately limited work in this field has been done and we are producing way less electricity via Nuclear Plants.

Hydel Power Plants
Pakistan is blessed with five rivers which flow throughout the country. They enter Pakistani territory mostly from side of India and going through Kashmir. They go through all kind terrains, most use full are those hilly areas where Pakistan can build many huge dams. But unfortunately two notable dams were constructed. Those also virtually in prehistoric era. Most of Pakistan’s Hydel power generation depends on these. These projects are also losing their life gradually as the reservoirs were cleaned and lots of decree is day by day shortening their storage capacity.

Some other feasibility studies concluded at Go result for many other dams can be built, after study those were never started and were buried in just pieces of Paper. These include a popular project called “Kala Bagh dam” which was politicized by self centered political leaders and then never surfaced.

Wind Power Plants
Pakistan only have a couple of Wind Power generation Farms which are generating total 56 Megawatts (MW) of power collectively. Also we have a couple more in pipe line, only Allah knows when they will be completed and put in to operational status. But the potentials of wind power are too high, I have seen many areas where wind speed is constantly in 30s and 40s of Kilometers (KMs) which is more than enough for power generation.

Solar Power Generation
Fortunately Pakistan has huge potential of making electricity via solar. Due to being almost on equator sun shines bright here. Which means unlimited potential of electricity via solar. One concern here is that solar panel installation needs lot of land area, however, if some cation is taken in this regard and only land which is barren wasteland should be used. Pakistan has lots of deserts, which are not useful for agriculture, so those lands can be used for Solar Power Plants. Also in urban areas the rooftops of houses and buildings would be ideal to put the solar panels. Also some elevated solar panels can be fixed in public car parkings etc, these will not only generate electricity but will also provide shade for parked cars.

One good thing happened in this regard is facility of Net Metering from WAPDA and Power distribution companies, however, this facility is not provided all over but only in limited areas. Process is also not that simple, so more work is needed in this regard.

So, very huge potential lies for Solar Power in Pakistan keeping in view the sunlight we receive here. I am no expert in this matter, but, I can still say with enough solar panels installed, only solar is enough to fulfil our needs, this is again based on immense quantity of sunshine we receive her in Pakistan.

Other Options
There are many more options which can be brought in use. In India, which is similar country like us, the electricity is being used from animal waste and also from the household urban waste. It is not the case that all animal or household waste is being used there but still some examples exist.

Not only that, I am sure there are other unusual options, which can be brought it to the use with some research after our governments decide to put some resources towards that.

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