Darkness follows the nation, administration unable to fulfill promises

31st Dec 2009 was the third deadline given by ruling party in order to finish off the electricity load shedding from the nation once and for all. But few statements from the officials and on going load shedding in winter seasons when the electricity usage is very less in compared to the summer made it clear that current ruling party would unfortunately will not be able to do it.

One thing this country kept seeing right from beginning to date is unfulfilled promises. Current ruling party who claim to have vision to change things and put the country on the way of economic growth have been in government many times but unfortunately they have not been able to tackle with small internal issues.

Its just three days to their deadline and the low electricity usage season, but they have not been able to do it this time as well. I hope they will not embarrass themselves once again by giving another deadline for this. Up till when people of Pakistan will be becoming the fools by the hand of wrong people in power. When do we will realize who is right and who is wrong, when will we choose the right people to be in power.

We do not have the need to go for any specific political party but have to realize who have done what for country when they were in power last time while we vote next time. God Bless Pakistan!

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