Military Operation Orakzai follows now after South Waziristan

If this operation is pursued it will be third one to take out the terrorists hiding in those areas. Prime Minister gillani said that they will negotiate with locals on this for peace but in case talks can’t do required stuff, government was always ready for this. Intelligence officials told media that Military forces have already been carrying out the crackdowns in Orakzai Agency to take out militants. As soon as the South Waziristan operation moved ahead to its successful completion government hinted this operation as the next effort in order to maintain peace in problem areas of Pakistan. Orakzai Agency is believed to be safe heaven for Hakimullah Mehsud and other militant groups working against people and interests of […]

Terror Suspects from US captured in Surgodha, investigations continue

These all five men are US Nationals caught in Surgodha, are suspected to indulge in terror activities in Pakistan. They arrived in Pakistan few days back and are being linked to possible terror attempt by them. Some maps of locations around South Waziristan were also secured from them. Police had arrested them after getting an intelligence report about them, a joint investigation team has been formed which will investigate about their meetings with people inside Pakistan and will come up with final report about them. Pakistan and US governments are already in contact with each other about this matter and US President promised an investigation about how and why they left US for Pakistan few days back.

Blast targetting a Bank 22 people confirm dead

Blast in saddar Rawalpindi Pakistan Targeted a bank near Shalimar Hotel and the PC Hotel saddar. At least 22 people are dead according to theĀ  latest information. The most of people are those which were in the bank. Because of the start of month lots of people were there in the bank to take out their salaries and use the ATM machines. This factor contributed towards the higher death toll. Today the most of the schools and educational institutions were opened which were initially closed due to the risk of terror attacks. All the dead bodies were sent from the blast site and 13 already arrived at DHQ hospital. The blast is probably the reaction of militants against the Operation […]

Blast near GHQ Rawalpindi today morning

A blast occurred near GHQ about 20 minutes ago, loss of life and other details are not clear yet. The blast occurred just 500 yards away from GHQ Rawalpindi behind the pearl continental hotel. Will be coming back with updates as soon as we get more information. Update: About at least 10 t0 15 killed and more than 40 are the injured. The nature of this blast was suicide. A suicide attacker blown himself up. Update: Officially nature of the blast is to be disclosed, 13 of injured are already shifted to the DHQ hospital Rawalpindi. Also few shifted to CMH hospital Rawalpindi.

Village of 100 houses fully Destroyed by Taliban Militants

In reaction to the on going operation against militants in South Waziristan Taliban militants destroyed the whole village. Village was having about 100 houses in it, all are destroyed to the ground. Additionally Taliban were involved in target killings and kidnappings in same village to hold some cards when they will be fighting with the Pakistan Security forces. people were already leaving the village for the safer places due to the Taliban’ behavior towards them. They were being provided the shelters etc by the government on the safer places adjustment to South Waziristan. Taliban started the destruction on Saturday, they used the explosives to destroy all the houses and explosions were being listened till the Sunday night. Finally they were […]