Suicide Attack in I-8, Islamabad, Pakistan

Barely after 24 hours of the previous attack in Upper Dir mosque the attackers struct again but this time in Islamabad. The suicide attacker this time hit the Rescue 15 building in Islamabad killing two of police men on duty. 3 of the policemen were seriously injured. The attacker used the wall on backside which was under construction to enter the premises, soon the security staff sppoted him and asked to show the identity. Immidiately the attacker ran towards main building and blew himself up. A very same kind of attack was done in lahore 10 days back.

Suicide attack in mosque during friday prayer, Upper Dir

In upper dir, Pakistan when the Friday payers were underway, a suicide attacker strucked into the area.  30 people killed in the attack and 14 injured during the incident. The injured were shifted to the hospital in Dir and Sheringal. After the incident police vehicles were immediately sent and in those vehicles the injured were shifted to these hospitals. Some of injured were in critical condition. More than 100 people were offering prayer in the mosque, a young person aged about 20 to 22 entered the mosque and when asked to show the identity he blew up the bomb. The victums also include childrens who were at mosque for prayers.

300 kidnapped by Taliban in North Waziristan

According to details, about 300 students, teachers and their relatives who were traveling in shape of convey in north waziristan were kidnapped by Taliban this Monday. A driver successfully escaped and the students told the people who kidnapped their fellows and teachers are Taliban militants. They added that the number of people who are kidnapped are around 300. Additionally in two m0re such incidents students and cadets have been kiddnaped by Taliban in two different areas.

Taliban promoting terror not Islam

What Taliban are trying to do in Pakistan clearly tells that they have no intentions to promote Islamic law or Islamic rules. They have created a bunch of weird rules themselves and simply trying to associate with Islam. Islam is a religion which tell guidelines to live good life, it tells which things are good and which are bad but does not give any right to anybody to enforce things on others. Taliban’s self created rules include – No education for women – No one can listen music otherwise serious physical punishments – No women can go shopping or go outside homes – No shave for men Above are only few of their own rules which they are associating with […]