2.4 million waiting to get back to their homes

2.4 million people who were affected by the military offensive by Pakistan Army against Taliban are now waiting for the completion of the offensive. These are people who have been displaced from their home and living in camps in bad conditions. On the other side Pakistan Army is busy cleaning up their cities from the Taliban Militants. As army have taken back the control of most areas, although operation will be now completed in months but the local residents will be given the chance to get back to their homes. Still they will have to face some other problems, which include unavailability of life’s basic needs like water, electricity, gas and food probably. As the whole communication and transportation system […]

Operation in mingora could take 2 more months, Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Ather Abbas told in a media briefing that although Pakistan army have taken control of most of the areas of swat but they will have to find out the hideouts of Taliban and will have to crush them. This thing can take about two more months, as they are not taking any more chances and committed to clean up the Taliban militants fully. He added that about 1 year Pakistan army will stay in the area, to have all the control and to stop the militants from retaking control and to prevent them from coming again into the areas from outside. It was stated ealier by the defense ministry that the operation will be completed […]

Pakistan Army Recovered kidnapped students form millitants

Despite the false and unconfirmed reports going around earlier the exact number of kidnapped students and staff is turned out to be 80. Pakistan army have recovered 79 of them, leaving one of them behind with Taliban. This operation was done in Guryum area, which was about 20 KM away from that college students of which were kidnapped. Ramzak where college is situated, as this area comes in those areas where Taliban have still good control, so they had easily kidnapped students and staff. Army had planned a special operation to recover the kidnapped people, for this they faceĀ  strong resistance but finally they successfully recovered those who were kidnapped.

Curfews eased in Mingora and seven other towns of swat

After securing Mingora curfew was already eased in Mingora, now curfew is eased seven other towns of swat. As in war zone there were some people who were caught in their homes, this opportunity will help them in getting out from their homes and go for a normal life again. As as the curfews eased now people from camps also can start getting back to their own homes. The towns where curfews were eased include towns of Bahrain, Madyan, Fatehpur, Khwazakhela, Matta, Alpurai and district of Shangla. Although easing up the curfew will help area residents a lot in moving freely and coming back to normal life routine but this will come up with some risk of militants targeting people. […]

Swat operation Rahe Rast is going to end in 3 days

Secretary Defense Syed Ather Ali, while he was in Singapore told that swat operation will be completed in coming 3 days at most. According to him Pakistan Army have almost secured 90% of area all over swat and wiped out most of Taliban militants. According to him the remaining Taliban millitants will be cleaned out in the upcoming 3 days and with this swat operation will be completed and called off.