Operation in mingora could take 2 more months, Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Ather Abbas told in a media briefing that although Pakistan army have taken control of most of the areas of swat but they will have to find out the hideouts of Taliban and will have to crush them. This thing can take about two more months, as they are not taking any more chances and committed to clean up the Taliban militants fully.

He added that about 1 year Pakistan army will stay in the area, to have all the control and to stop the militants from retaking control and to prevent them from coming again into the areas from outside.

It was stated ealier by the defense ministry that the operation will be completed in just few days but now that does not seem possible and Pakistan Army will have stay in the area for quite a longer time period. Also according to official sources about 1300 militants and about 85 soldiers were killed in the area for last one month.

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