Pakistan army now secures mingora completely

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Pakistan army have now taken complete control over Mingora. Previously some resistance were being observed from some of the areas of Mingora but now Pakistan Army have secured whole area by completely wiping out the all Taliban, their residences and training camps.

As the operation continued the Taliban themselves started to move back and given over the control to Pakistan army, during the process lots of them who were providing resistance were also killed. As Mingora is the largest area of swat, so having its control back is a big success.

US Defense offers Pakistan help in war against taliban militants

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US Defense Secretary Robert Gates while commenting on Pakistan’s Military offensive against Taliban have offered Pakistan military aid and training to the troops having war against the militants. He have not clearly told that they are ready to send the on ground troops but his point was that they are committed to give out other military aid and training to troops from Pakistani security forces.

This was said on saturday, he also shown his satasfaction about the on going operation by Pakistan Army. He also told that we will only help incase Pakistani people are willing to get help from us, he said ‘We are very sensitive to Pakistan’s sovereignty and eager to be helpful, but only as the Pakistanis want us to be helpful.’

Pakistan Army have almost secured mangora

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According to sources, Pakistan army have claimed that they have almost secured the main district of swat, which is called Mangora. Although they are facing resistance in few areas but the level of resistance is not significant. Also Pakistan army is continuing the operation with the commitment to clean up the whole area of swat and the adjacent areas by wiping out all of Taliban militants.

A month back when this operation was started taliban had full control of whole swat area and were upto implement their own rules and laws in the name of Islam and sharia. Situation is much better now, in some areas Pakistan Army is in full control and in some areas they are striving to have the full control.

Pak millitory secures the daggar town and countinues operation

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On Wednesday Pak army secures the daggar town of buner, as earlier in same area Taliban had taken 60 soldiers as hostage. Now Pakistan army seem to have complete control over the daggar area and continues the operation against the taliban militants. The troops are still facing a high level of resistance from Taliban which include shelling etc. Despite shelling military is actively patrolling the area and striving for taking control of adjacent areas.

On the other hand taliban millitants are also trying to take control of other areas, in many insidents they taken many security personals of Army and Police as hostage. However the in negotiations Sufi Muhammad agreed that on 24th outsiders will leave buner and only local Taliban will remain in the area.

Pakistan Army starts operation against taliban in Lower Dir

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Taliban who were continuously moving towards the capital and were also indulged in inhuman activities will now have to face Pakistan’s military. This all was in result of NWFP Government and local public’s result. This would be a great relief for local residents but at the moment they have started leaving their homes and started moving to some other safe places to keep them safe from any harm resulting from the confrontation between Taliban militants and Pakistan Army.

Confrontations on many places are already occurred and in them Pakistan Army lost their one troop and five other were injured. The militant’s spooks man warned that if Pakistan Army will continue their operation they will resume their activities in the areas. The situation suggests that more confrontation between Pakistan Army and Taliban militants is expected.

Good thing is as the Pakistan Army is engaged, now the local and people all over Pakistan are hopping the betterment in situation and relief for the locals. Long live Pakistan.