Curfews eased in Mingora and seven other towns of swat

After securing Mingora curfew was already eased in Mingora, now curfew is eased seven other towns of swat. As in war zone there were some people who were caught in their homes, this opportunity will help them in getting out from their homes and go for a normal life again. As as the curfews eased now people from camps also can start getting back to their own homes.

The towns where curfews were eased include towns of Bahrain, Madyan, Fatehpur, Khwazakhela, Matta, Alpurai and district of Shangla. Although easing up the curfew will help area residents a lot in moving freely and coming back to normal life routine but this will come up with some risk of militants targeting people.

As the operation continues, army secures more areas and wipe out more militants, curfews in other areas are expected to be easen up and people will then be allowed to get back to their areas.

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