Pakistan army moved across the Afghan border

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As 4000 US troops and 650 afghan troops have been moved across the Pak-Afghan border yesterday, so

Pakistan Army
Pakistan Army

chances are that militants will be pushed towards Pakistan, all across the border.  So Pakistan Army have increased the number of troops across the afghan border to cope with any of militants which will try to move from Afghanistan in to Pakistan in search of safe heavens.

Pakistan shares 1600 miles of border with Afghanistan, so its extremely difficult to fully safeguard that border area, but increasing the number of troops will definitely help improving the security at the border. Also Pakistan army need to employee some technology to watch the borders.

Blast in choor chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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Choor Chowk Rawalpindi Blast

A motor bike targeting a govt bus, on choor chowk, Peshawar road Rawalpindi Cantt, killed 1 person and injuring 29 people. Not only that bus a number of other vehicles were also destroyed in the incident. Also the glasses of nearby buildings were broken. specifically fuel tank of bus was targeted to achieve maximum damage.

Most of the injured are shifted to the DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi and Remaining are shifted to Military Hospital Rawalpindi Saddar. In the injured people 6 of them are in serious condition.

Pakistan Air Force Starts production of JF-17 Thunder fighter Jet

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JF-17 Thunder
JF-17 Thunder

JF-17 thunder was previously designed, first produced by Pakistan in collaboration with china. Pakistani and Chinese engineers together worked to achieve this latest design of JF-17 thunder. Previously china had already started the production of this Air Craft.

Now in Kamra Pakistan Air Force have started assembling the first Paksitan built JF-17 thunder fighter air craft. Chief of Air staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman inaugurated the construction ceremony at Kamra. Top officials from China as well as Pakistan have attended this ceremony.

This is the great success specially for Pakistan. Previously Pakistan was not able to design or built any fighter crafts locally. Also they had to purchase all the fighter crafts. Now this production will help Pakistan in increasing the air defense power. Also they will not have to pay other countries for fighter crafts and then wait for years for the delivery like the previous Pak – US F-16 deal.

US missile strike over South Waziristan Kill 50

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In recent US drone attacks about 50 people killed in south waziristan. However the DG ISPR Major General Ather Abbass claimed this number is 20 to 30 people. It is claimed that in the killed people there is a Taliban commander. The drone craft fired missile over the people who were gather for a funeral in Mehsud’s northwest tribal stronghold.

In these areas as due to one have to clearly differentiate between who is militant and how is a normal citizen, Pakistan is not using their airforce and more relying on the army. So helicopters are being used for help of people on ground. But how does a drone craft from too much height can be sure of if its targeting the militants or innocent people. In some cases they may have targeted people correctly but in others I am sure the innocent people suffered.

If US really wants to help Pakistan in this war they must organized some meetings and must ask how they can help, instead of launching attacks on people themselves.

Country wide celebrations in Pakistan

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Pakistan observed the countrywide celebrations on 21st of june, 2009, after Pakistan cricket team won the T20 world cup final match. As cricket is most popular game in Pakistan, nearly everybody in Pakistan cares about the results of cricket matches which their national team play.  No other game, even hockey which is nation sport didn’t got this much popularity in this country.

Yesterday when Pakistan cricket team was in the final match of tournament lots of people watched the match live, even in parks and on public places match was shown to people via big screens. After they won the tournament celebration were all around the country. On lots of places there were gatherings to celebrate this victory. This was a happy moment for nearly every Pakistani.

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