Do vote on May 11 for positive change in Pakistan

Obviously by May 11, 2013 I am referring to upcoming Pakistan general elections. In around last two decades and specifically in last five to six years this country saw the worst of situations. Problems are not unknown to any Pakistani and these obviously are Electricity Load shedding, Gas Shortage, Law ‘n’ order situation, higher levels of corruptions, tax theft by elected members of assemblies, poor health and education facilities, bad economic situation, closing industries due¬† to no efforts to make electricity available, foreign incisions, terrorism and what not. We are also left far far behind in terms of communications and technology from most of rest of the world.

This is very tiny amount of literate people gone out of their houses to vote the right people. Do get out of your homes this time to vote if you really want these problems to solve in timely and correct fashion. Whom ever you vote the candidate must be good for Pakistan in your understanding, not just good for you are area, as we would say “Gali Mohalla” in Urdu.

Also do generate the image below (Facebook Cover) with your name at the place of text “Your Name Here” by clicking here. And add it to your Facebook profile or Page as cover image, to tell the people that you are voting in these elections and encourage them as well to vote. Do Share/Spread this above link.

Get this cover image for your Facebook Profile or Page with your name from Here.

Facebook cover image with your name elections 2013
Get Facebook cover with your name from here

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