US dollar price hits all time high in Pakistan

Open market buying price of US dollar hit all time high of over 85 Rupees per unit. US Dollar is constantly declining in the international price but its price is Pakistan continued to rise. Also in the inter bank it was being sold at all time high of 84.92 Rs per unit.

Dollar have actually risen up about 25 Rs in just in period of last two years by coming to price of 85 from just Rupees 60. It must also be kept in mind that before this US dollar price had taken about years to rise just Rupees 20 in the period of over 10 years when the USD price was on the way to 60 Rupees per unit from 40 Rupees per unit. Fact is that in International market still US dollar is declining but Pakistani Rupee is declining at more pace. We can blame the current security situation and the failed policies of current administration for this downfall.

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