US Admiral Mike Mullen accuses Pakistani Intelligence agencies of supporting terror in Afghanistan

Since 2001 after the 9 11 attacks on world trade center towers in US, Pakistan have been the main ally of US in war against terror. Pakistani soil as well as resources have been and being  used to cope with the bad guys in Afghanistan. All supplies to US soldiers in Afghanistan were through Pakistan. Also 70 billion dollars was the money Pakistan had spent to facilitate the war against terror where only 20 billion dollars were provided by United States.

Now when the war against terror is going to be over soon and control over the bad guys have been pretty much gained, United States instead of endorsing or appreciating the efforts of its main ally, the blame game have been seen from United States. The most disturbing were the recent words of  US military chief Admiral Mike Mullen’s words where he accessed Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of facilitating the Haqqani Network with money and logistics to attack areas in Afghanistan. He alleged Pakistan of trying to destabilize the Afghanistan for different reason, where he clearly was wrong in everything he said.

Following video shows some of those harsh and unrealistic words of US Admiral Mike Mullen.

Such words from US are coming for sometime now, have been disappointing as well as caused the rise of heat between two allies in war against terror. However the White House recently have disagreed to the words of Mike Mullan and told that this is not the language they will use about Pakistan.

For more than 10 years Pakistan have been ally of US to cope with terrorists, in addition to providing its soil for supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan have been running parallel operations in country itself and now all of sudden after epic ten years United States takes Pakistan as bad guys. Military action threats have also been heard from US against Pakistan.

Now United States and Pakistan have came along as far as 10 years together as allies, United States now must appreciate all the efforts and resources Pakistan have put to facilitate the war against terror. US knows that without Pakistan’s support even the 10% of success in Afghanistan was not possible. Now after all those years instead of thinking confrontation United States must respect the sovereignty of their main ally Pakistan and they need to resolve any difference through dialogs not by trying to put any pressure via threats.

By the way dialog is only way to go because how can you think any thing more than dialog against a Nuculear power. I am sure any efforts to resolve mutual problems via dialog will be met with open arms and with utter motivation to make things work from Pakistan side.

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