Should Pakistan have accepted the 250 million USD offered by United States for eradication of Terrorism?

First things first, 250 million US Dollars is not kind of amount which Pakistan can not afford easily. On a single on going metro bus project in Rawalpindi/Islamabad Pakistan have spent 450 million US Dollars. Metro bus project Lahore was build using same kind of budget. Plus there are dozens of projects going on in the country which are using a budget much more than this. Obviously, all those projects of higher budgets are of lower priority than the eradication of terrorism from country. Means PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) would have had spared enough money for terrorism eradication before starting on the low priority projects like metro transit systems and reconstruction and repair of motorways etc. As compared […]

Pakistan witnessed more than 49000 reported deaths in so called regarding war on terror

An Indian news article, based on news reports from Pakistan stated that 49000 Pakistanis lost their lives in activities regarding war on terrorism. These include innocent people died in blasts and attacks on civilian population as retaliation to actions against so called militants residing on Pakistani soil. This number is much more than the reported number stated above. As lots of deaths would never have been reported. Some here believe that thing have been mishandled by previous governments, specially Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Zardari led political party in power. For example, they were unable to settle terms about drone attacks with United States on Pakistani soil. Which, Americans say, were carried out to target militants but according to all […]

US Admiral Mike Mullen accuses Pakistani Intelligence agencies of supporting terror in Afghanistan

Since 2001 after the 9 11 attacks on world trade center towers in US, Pakistan have been the main ally of US in war against terror. Pakistani soil as well as resources have been and beingĀ  used to cope with the bad guys in Afghanistan. All supplies to US soldiers in Afghanistan were through Pakistan. Also 70 billion dollars was the money Pakistan had spent to facilitate the war against terror where only 20 billion dollars were provided by United States. Now when the war against terror is going to be over soon and control over the bad guys have been pretty much gained, United States instead of endorsing or appreciating the efforts of its main ally, the blame game […]

The Role Pakistan played in War against terror and to restore peace in world

Like most of countries in the world Pakistan is a peace loving country, they not only aimed to have peace and prosperity in their nation but also fought for the making the world in better place closely guarding our borders and by doing whatever in their capacity to eliminate any entities harmful for human race from their soil. The recent war against terror which world calls their war and war to save humanity, Pakistan is the country which contributed more than any other nation in this war, our economy, future of our country, lives of our people and much more we have sacrificed just to restore the peace in the world. But the irony is not much of people in […]