Pakistan is now out of Twenty 20 World Cup Cricket Tournament 2014, courtesy Hafeez

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Pakistan Vs West Indies april 1st Twenty 20 world cup cricket tournament 2014 matchAfter loosing the first match of itsĀ  group against India, Pakistan had managed to pull two well deserved victories against both Australia and Bangladesh. Today Pakistan and West Indies had Do or Die match. This means the team winning the match will go through to Semi-finals of Twenty 20 World Cup and looser will be out of Tournament.

After West Indies won the toss and decided to bat first, while Bowling Pakistanis did well and even got some early wickets and restricted West Indies to lower score but then some hitting came forward and they scored 166, which is not unbeatable but a good score. Pakistan did scored well about 190 in matches with Australia and Bangladesh. So there was good chance that Pakistan will achieve this score easily.

In Pakistan innings on first ball they lost first wicket of very important scorer Ahmad Shahzar. But whatever happened later on is sad and amusing on same time. That is our Captain of team Muhammad Hafeez started to play on strike rate too low which is only and only suitable for test cricket. Not even ODI and never in Twenty 20, this strike rate is just not acceptable. Slow run scoring from Hafeez put pressure on other batsmen. The remaining deliveries were quickly decreasing and score on the board was moving up like an ill lazy turtle. As Hafeez was stopping almost every ball, in pressure of climbing run rate three of Pakistan batsmen lost their wicket by getting stumped behind the wicket while trying to play desperate shot by moving outside of crease.

Muhammad Hafeez who according to majority of Pakistan cricket fans must not even be in Pakistan team, is the skipper (captain) of the team. Today by scoring 19 runs on 32 balls he have played huge role in escorting Pakistan cricket team out of Twenty World Cup 2014 before even we made it to finals. The stats show that in Twenty twenty matches when Hafeez gets out early on few balls Pakistan mostly win those matches.

The soul purpose of discussing the Hafeez’s story of utter disappointment for Pakistani people, was to put light on fact that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is not being run the way its supposed to be. Selectors and coach despite the poor performance of players like Hafeez, have not done anything to get rid of such players and give chance to fresh blood. Hafeez’s and Misbah’s styles suit test cricket, so they must be in that team not in ODI or specially Twenty 20. When an unworthy soul (in this field) Najam Sethi, the chairman of PCB, such things are due to happen. I guess one of former legend players must be given such positions so they can lead the board to right direction in light of their experience.

Whatever, we do or say now, the fact is we are out of Twenty 20 world cup tournament 2014. If we ever going to do good in Cricket, some changes in Pakistan Cricket team and management of PCB are very well due.

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Shoaib Akhtar’s new book Controversially Yours upsets many

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The famous Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar, known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’ have just written a controversial book named as ‘Controversially Yours’. The book is the auto biography of famous Fast Bowler and the fastest bowler of world from Pakistan Shoaib Akhtar.

Book is yet to be released, some of the excerpts from the book were made public lately. Exactly as name suggests, book is much controversial and hold lots of controversial stuff about most Pakistani and some Indian players. Also reveals some of stuff which was earlier unknown to people.

One of many controversies that book brought with itself was the claim by Shoaib Akhtar that Waseem Akram had opposed the selection of Shoaib Aktar in his first ever international match. Moreover Waseem Akram was ready to walk away with half team on issue of selection of Shoaib Akhtar. However, Waseem fully denied this and told that there is absolutely nothing truth about it.

Also Shoaib accused the great bowlers like Waseem and Waqar of ball tempering in his book and told that this was routine of these great bowlers. Also he added that once a great cricketer in a match had even swapped the ball with a more suitable one during a cricket match to get favorable results. Later in interview with an Indian TV channel he revealed that the ball swapping Cricketer was Javed Miandad.

Shoaib targeted many people in his book even Musharraf and Indian cricketers as well were not safe. About Indian cricketer Sachin book claims that he is not match winner but just is much over rated. He said in his book that he had seen the fear in the eyes of Sachin when he was bowling to him, also sachin was not being able to play the fast bowls of Shoaib Akhtar. Similar claim came about Rahul Dravid, suspecting his batting abilities.

Some protests already held in India in which protesters hanged the posters of Shoaib Akhtar on back of donkeys. Protests were held due to the material about Indian cricketers that book holds.

Many believe that the motive behind mentioning the Indian players in his book was to gain the cheap publicity before the release of book. Also book was first going to be released in India. Book release function was scheduled on 24 Sep, 2011 in Mambai India but this was mysteriously called off.

Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ijaz Butt said that Shoaib’s book will have bad affects on relations of cricket managements of both country, the relations which are already jeopardy and dialog is already on to make improvements. Butt added that once the bowler Shoaib Akhtar was in cricket team he always been controversial and on multiple times board had to face troubles due to him. Now once he is retired still he is now causing the trouble to board, now via his new book. One thing which Ijaz Butt didn’t realized that Shoaib was a match winner in terms of his world’s fastest bowling, so he didn’t brought some good stuff as well to the table.

One thing in which I will disagree with Shoaib is he did not had to bring up those embarrassing stuff about his seniors. This is like jeopardizing their name and denial of what they have done for country. Stars like Javed Maindad, Waseem Akram and Waqar Younas were the match winners and on multiple times they have made the nation proud. Any negative stuff that was brought forward about them is not understandable specially when the book is being published in India first.

This book yet have to hit the markets, mainly its autobiography which talks more about Shoaib Akhtar as cricketer and hardships he faced in his professional cricketing careers. More stuff will come forward as book hits the markets of India and Pakistan.

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Pakistan cricket team players banned from Social Networking by PCB

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PCB have recently banned all of Pakistan Cricket Team players who in contract with PCB from using social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Ban was the result of posts by Zulqurnain Haider to his Facebook page like the post about his retirement and few other posts after he disappeared from a match in Dubai about a month ago gone to London afterwards claiming of threats which he said he received.

No matter what in my opinion Pakistan Cricket board (PCB) in no capacity eligible to add such clauses to the contract with any player as this is open attack on players’ freedom of speech. Facebook and Twitter provide people means to communicate and specially for celebrities and Players they are good means for them to get in touch with people, this way they can also better provide their opinions and answer questions of public. May often be forced to give their opinion on controversies about them – e.g. when they are not performing – by their fans on these social networking websites.

Often sayings or opinions of players are twisted and completely change their meaning when they reach the public via print or electronic media. So Facebook and twitter are the good means where they can clarify any faulty communication via any other mediums; but well they can’t now after this new of its kind restriction on Pakistani Cricket Players by PCB.

Towards wrapping my opinion I think this decision of PCB is fully unjust and first of its kind in the world, I urge PCB to rethink their decision and urge other writers support Pakistan Cricket team to help restore their freedom of speech.

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Pakistan cricket team gets Waqar Younis as new coach

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Waqar Younis Pakistan Coach
Waqar Younis

Performance by Pakistan cricket team in recent past have not been any thing normal where they lost a number of first class cricket matches in a row. Pakistan Cricket Board now again seem to do measures to make things better. I this regard Waqar Younis have been offered the bowling coach position and he have accepted this offer.

Currently Waqar is living in Sydney Australia with his family but he accepted the offer and told that he will be glad to take this challenge at these hard times. Waqar Younis have been the bowling coach of Pakistan Cricket Team for 2 years in 2006 – 2007. He also have been team captain for test matches.

Waqar Younis is soon expected back at home to sign the contract for his position. Waqar is coming on the position of Intikhab Alam who’s contract ends in November and he have been promoted to head coach this early.

Hopefully things will get better after these appointments & promotions and cricket fans will have some nice action to witness.