Pakistan cricket team gets Waqar Younis as new coach

Waqar Younis Pakistan Coach
Waqar Younis

Performance by Pakistan cricket team in recent past have not been any thing normal where they lost a number of first class cricket matches in a row. Pakistan Cricket Board now again seem to do measures to make things better. I this regard Waqar Younis have been offered the bowling coach position and he have accepted this offer.

Currently Waqar is living in Sydney Australia with his family but he accepted the offer and told that he will be glad to take this challenge at these hard times. Waqar Younis have been the bowling coach of Pakistan Cricket Team for 2 years in 2006 – 2007. He also have been team captain for test matches.

Waqar Younis is soon expected back at home to sign the contract for his position. Waqar is coming on the position of Intikhab Alam who’s contract ends in November and he have been promoted to head coach this early.

Hopefully things will get better after these appointments & promotions and cricket fans will have some nice action to witness.

One thought on “Pakistan cricket team gets Waqar Younis as new coach

  1. Waqar Bahi have ability to coach because have long experience i like this man . please don’t change waqar & khan captan and coach after passing some you see Pakistan cricket team is champion of cricket world

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