KIA Cars Prices increased now in september 2023

KIA Cars Prices Increased in Pakistan

Pakistan’s auto industry is facing a downfall. So sales are very low and on the other side the cost of manufacturing the cars in ever increasing due to consistently declining local currency of Pakistan as well as inflation and increasing govt taxes. Infact these all factors impact both the car makers as well as the end consumers. When the sales are low in the Pakistan’s auto industry overall, in a bold move, KIA Pakistan, have increased the prices of several cars in its line up. The details of old and new prices of KIA Cars offered in Pakistan are as follow. Vehicle Old Price New Price Difference KIA Picanto AT 3,825,000 3,950,000 125,000 Stonic EX+ 6,050,000 6,280,000 230,000 Sportage AWD […]

KIA Cars Prices in Pakistan

KIA is natively a Korean car manufacturer and a relatively late entrant in Pakistani automobile industry. They had actually once entered Pakistani Market under the Dewan motors, however, were unable to get popular like other players. However, this time again KIA Motors entered Pakistan in collaboration with Lucky Motors Corporation Limited. This time they are much more successful. KIA sportage sold like apples after KIA had introduced it in Pakistan, it was most successful Crossover SUV in Pakistan. Today still it is being sold and is popular. KIA have many more cars, which they are selling in Pakistani market. Prices of KIA vehicles in Pakistan are as follows. KIA Picanto Price in Pakistan Currently KIA Picanto is available in Pakistan […]

Suzuki cars prices increased in the April 2023

With the current struggling economy, prices of everything are going up everyday. The auto makers of Pakistan are not behind anyone else in increasing the prices of cars. Now it has been very normal thing that every automaker increases prices of its cars and bikes at least once in the month now. In a recent development, Suzuki Pakistan have once again increased the prices of its cars, now in the month of April 2023. The old and new prices of different Pak Suzuki cars models and variants are as follows. Car Make & Model New Price Old Price Difference Suzuki Alto VX 2,251,000 2,144,000 107,000 Suzuki Alto VXR 2,612,000 2,487,000 125,000 Suzuki Alto VXR AGS 2,799,000 2,665,000 134,000 Suzuki Alto […]

Honda Cars Prices increased second time in the Feb 2023

Honda Pakistan had increased their cars prices in the start of Feb 2023 already. However, due to the fluctuating local currency as compared to US Dollars and other foreign currencies, it is really hard for automakers of Pakistan to settle on a price. As costs keep going up and down, by the way, it goes up mostly, keeping in view the current situation. Same is the reason that, like other automakers of Pakistan, Honda Pakistan have once again increased their cars prices. The details of old and new prices are as follows. Car Model Old Price New Price Difference Honda Civic Standard (Automatic, Petrol) 7,299,000 7,779,000 480,000 Honda Civic Oriel (Automatic, Petrol) 7,599,000 8,099,000 500,000 Honda Civic RS (Automatic, Petrol) […]

Toyota vehicle prices increased third time in the 2023

Pakistan is facing many difficulties with its economy, the lowering foreign currency reserves and deterioration in the value of local currency. On top of it, there are ever growing debts. Some of these factors and their consequences are affecting the local auto industry as well. The auto manufacturers of Pakistan first face the challenge in opening Letter of Credits (LCs) with banks, in order to import the completely knock down (CKD) vehicle kits, which are used to manufacture the vehicles. As mostly the automakers of Pakistan relying on importing the CKD kits for manufacturing the vehicles instead of localisation of Parts manufacturing. So after not being able to import any supplies, the auto manufacturers of Pakistan left without supplies, being […]