KIA Cars Prices in Pakistan

KIA is natively a Korean car manufacturer and a relatively late entrant in Pakistani automobile industry. They had actually once entered Pakistani Market under the Dewan motors, however, were unable to get popular like other players.

However, this time again KIA Motors entered Pakistan in collaboration with Lucky Motors Corporation Limited. This time they are much more successful. KIA sportage sold like apples after KIA had introduced it in Pakistan, it was most successful Crossover SUV in Pakistan. Today still it is being sold and is popular. KIA have many more cars, which they are selling in Pakistani market. Prices of KIA vehicles in Pakistan are as follows.

KIA Picanto Price in Pakistan

Currently KIA Picanto is available in Pakistan in two variants. One is exactly 998 CC Automatic and other is 998 CC Manual. Both of them come under the 1000 CC segment. Prices of KIA Picanto in Pakistan are as follows.

Make & ModelPrice Rs (PKR)Last Updated
KIA Picanto Manual (998 CC)3,350,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Picanto Automatic (998 CC)3,950,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Picanto Prices in Pakistan

KIA Stonic Price in Pakistan

KIA Stonic is a basic Crossover SUV which comes with 1368 CC engine. Two variants of KIA Stonic are available in Pakistan. Both of them have six speed automatic transmission and they are priced as follows.

Make & ModelPrice Rs (PKR)Price Updated On
KIA Stonic EX5,350,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Stonic EX+6,280,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Stonic Prices in Pakistan

KIA Sportage Price in Pakistan

KIA Sportage is also a Crossover SUV, which comes with exactly 1999 CC engine. Details of available variants and prices of KIA Sportage in Pakistan are as follows.

Make & ModelPrice Rs (PKR)Price Updated On
KIA Sportage Alpha7,300,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sportage FWD8,190,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sportage AWD8,920,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sportage Black Edition9,650,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sportage Prices in Pakistan

KIA Sorento Price in Pakistan

KIA Sorento is another Crossover SUV offered by KIA Lucky Motors Company Pakistan. This comes with two engine CC variants which are 2359 CC and 3470 CC. Prices KIA Sorento in Pakistan are as follows.

Make & ModelPrice Rs (PKR)Price Updated On
KIA Sorento 2.4 FWD10,800,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sorento 2.4 AWD11,700,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sorento 3.5 FWD11,790,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Sorento Prices in Pakistan

KIA Grand Carnival Price in Pakistan

Kia Grand Carnival is available in single variant in Pakistan right now. It is a luxurious vehicle with space of accommodating up to 11 people in it. Price of KIA Grand Carnival in Pakistan is as follows.

Make & ModelPrice Rs (PKR)Price Updated On
KIA Grand Carnival Executive17,150,000Sep 11, 2023
KIA Carnival Prices in Pakistan

Prices of cars by other makers

If you are interested, you can check the prices of cars by other car makers of Pakistan by using links below.

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