Toyota vehicle prices increased third time in the 2023

Pakistan is facing many difficulties with its economy, the lowering foreign currency reserves and deterioration in the value of local currency. On top of it, there are ever growing debts. Some of these factors and their consequences are affecting the local auto industry as well.

The auto manufacturers of Pakistan first face the challenge in opening Letter of Credits (LCs) with banks, in order to import the completely knock down (CKD) vehicle kits, which are used to manufacture the vehicles. As mostly the automakers of Pakistan relying on importing the CKD kits for manufacturing the vehicles instead of localisation of Parts manufacturing. So after not being able to import any supplies, the auto manufacturers of Pakistan left without supplies, being unable to operate all the time, hence this results in off days of operation, increasing the costs of automakers.

Here a second thing, hits the auto manufacturers, which is ever devaluting local currency. As the payments of all imports need to be made in foreign currencies and mostly US Dollars, so any fluctuation in local currency impacts the local automakers. So ever deteriorating value of local currency is big challenge for local auto makers, ever increasing the costs of manufacturing the vehicles.

Hence, after these factors described above, the automakers are left with no other option, than to increase the car prices. Toyota Pakistan have increased the prices of their vehicles three times until now in the year 2023. This third increase came in around the mid of Feb 2023, the details of these increased and old prices are as follows.

Increase in Toyota Yaris Prices

Make/Model/TrimNew PriceOld Price
Toyota Yaris GLI MT 1.34,279,0004,079,000
Toyota Yaris GLI CVT 1.34,549,0004,339,000
Toyota Yaris ATIV MT 1.34,519,0004,309,000
Toyota Yaris ATIV CVT 1.34,749,0004,529,000
Toyota Yaris ATIV X MT 1.54,869,0004,649,000
Toyota Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.55,169,0004,929,000

Increase in Toyota Corolla Prices

Make/Model/TrimNew PriceOld Price
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8 Beige Interior6,939,0006,609,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8 Black Interior6,979,0006,649,000
Toyota Corolla Altis X Automatic 1.66,059,0005,749,000
Toyota Corolla Altis X Automatic 1.6 Special Edition6,659,0006,319,000
Toyota Corolla Altis X Manual 1.65,529,0005,269,000

Increase in Toyota Hilux Revo Prices

Make/Model/TrimNew PriceOld Price
Toyota Hilux Revo V Automatic 2.8 (Revo V AT)12,859,00012,239,000
Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco (Revo Rocco)13,559,00012,899,000

Increase in Toyota Fortuner Prices

Make/Model/TrimNew PriceOld Price
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 G14,109,00013,419,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V16,159,00015,359,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 417,029,00016,189,000
Toyota Fortuner Legender17,959,00017,069,000

The new prices are effective immediately, also Toyota Pakistan have termed the new prices as preliminary and may change any time. As the circumstances of Pakistan’s economy and value of currency is changing every moment, so it is hard for automakers to settle on a price.

Again, prices on this page only show the third change of price in Toyota vehicles in 2023, these prices belong to Feb 2023. If you are visiting this page anytime in future, its critical that you visit our dedicated page for Toyota Cars, SUVs and Vans prices. We do update that linked page with every price change.

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