New FAW Car, Van and Truck Prices in Pakistan – Updated Oct 2022

Yes, you read it right, FAW motor company offers one van, one car and one mini truck to its Pakistani customers. This one is from China and recently its passenger vehicle called V2 have been appealing to the masses, as it spacious car on a very competitive price as compared to other operators in Pakistan. FAW Motor company is officially known as Al-Haj FAW motors company in Pakistan and is part of Al-Haj Group, which was found by late Haji Sakhi Gul Afridi. FAW V2 Price in Pakistan FAW V2 comes in Pakistan in a single Trim. It is recently being more and more popular with people and quite a few are seen on roads, every time you get out […]

New Suzuki Cars Prices in Pakistan

Again the Suzuki is also in big three manufacturers of cars in Pakistan. They are called “Pak Suzuki” in Pakistan. Recently they have celebrated the 2 millionth car production in Pakistan and count continues to rise. Recently they have stopped production of their most popular car ‘Suzuki Mehran’ after producing over 700 thousand units. New Suzuki cars prices in Pakistan have been increasing frequently in recent times, latest prices of the Suzuki vehicles are as follows. Suzuki Alto Prices in Pakistan More than a year back, Pak Suzuki stopped production of Suzuki Mehran 800cc car and replaced it with its 660cc Suzuki Alto. Alto in beginning came in three variants or trims, now it is available in four. Latest prices […]

Prices of New Toyota Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs in Pakistan

Earlier we have shared the new car prices of Honda cars with you, which we will keep updating. However, today we are here with prices of cars another manufacturer, who is also one of big three car sellers of all time, in Pakistan. However, on world stage, Toyota is much bigger than any car manufacturer and seller who is operating in Pakistan, in terms of vehicles delivered world wide in recent years. Prices of new Toyota vehicles available officially are as follows. Prices are most current as per March 2019. They will be updated as soon as Toyota changes any of them. New Toyota Corolla Prices in Pakistan Toyota Corolla is the best selling car of Toyota, from the ones […]

New Car Prices of Honda Cars in Pakistan

Honda is one of three biggest and oldest car selling companies in Pakistan. Here we are with the latest prices of Honda cars in Pakistan. All car prices are current and we promise to keep them updated. So Honda Car Prices in Pakistan are as follows. New Honda Civic Price in Pakistan Total three variants of Honda Civic were launched recently and are available in Pakistan, prices of which are as follows. Make/Model/Trim Ex-Factory Price (PKR) Updated On Honda Civic Standard (Automatic, Petrol) 8,599,000 Mar 22, 2023 Honda Civic Oriel (Automatic, Petrol) 8,949,000 Mar 22, 2023 Honda Civic RS (Automatic, Petrol) 10,199,000 Mar 22, 2023 New Honda City Price in Pakistan Currently five variants of Honda City are officially launched […]