Honda Cars Prices increased second time in the Feb 2023

Honda Pakistan had increased their cars prices in the start of Feb 2023 already. However, due to the fluctuating local currency as compared to US Dollars and other foreign currencies, it is really hard for automakers of Pakistan to settle on a price. As costs keep going up and down, by the way, it goes up mostly, keeping in view the current situation.

Same is the reason that, like other automakers of Pakistan, Honda Pakistan have once again increased their cars prices. The details of old and new prices are as follows.

Car ModelOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Honda Civic Standard (Automatic, Petrol)7,299,0007,779,000480,000
Honda Civic Oriel (Automatic, Petrol)7,599,0008,099,000500,000
Honda Civic RS (Automatic, Petrol)8,649,0009,199,000550,000
Honda City 1.2 MT4,329,0004,579,000250,000
Honda City 1.2 CVT4,469,0004,729,000260,000
Honda City 1.5 CVT4,739,0005,019,000280,000
Honda City 1.5 Aspire MT4,939,0005,229,000290,000
Honda City 1.5 Aspire CVT5,119,0005,419,000300,000
Honda BR-V i-VTEC S5,649,0005,949,000300,000
Honda HR-V VTI6,799,0007,199,000400,000
Honda HR-V VTI S6,999,0007,399,000400,000

These new prices of Honda cars are applicable from Feb 18, 2023. Already two time Honda Pakistan have increased their cars prices in 2023 and overall, it is the third time they are increasing. Not only the fluctuating currency but also import curbs and the non operational days as result of shortage of supplies to make vehicles, also effects the costs of automakers. Which means more and more price hikes for the customers.

These specific price written above specifically indicate the increase in the mid Feb 2023, in case of future increase they will be outdated. However, we have a dedicated page for prices of new Honda cars, which we keep updated all the time, so do visit that in case you are here anytime after Feb 2023, to be sure that you are indeed seeing the latest cars prices.

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