Unarmed boy Killed by Rangers in Karachi Pakistan

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Karachi a young boy named as “Sarfraz” was killed when he was in custody on rangers and rangers brutally opened fire being Judge, Jury and executioners themselves. Boy was clearly posing no threat to the rangers as he was fully unarmed and was even asking for polite stance from rangers.

No rule of law in entire world allow anyone to do such a vicious act, this is clearly a murder and must be met by murder charges on the person who fired the gun shots on that unarmed boy. The human rights organizations must come forward to bring the dead to the justice by making sure that killer is brought in front of a court.

Even after this vicious assault the DG Rangers seems defending the act via statement that it was crossfire, clearly boy is unarmed, lets see following footage of event and discuss other stuff after that. Have a look.

Rangers also found involved in such events in past where in Karachi people were killed the gun shot of a ranger but this was unique event where the person deliberately make sure to kill the victim making sure that he does not make it to life.

Orders of action against the rangers already came from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Interior Minister Rehman Malik, hope on ground the steps are taken to bring the soul of dead to justice as no offense against him proved yet.

Also Sharjeel Memon who is Sindh information minister told that strict action will be taken in this regard. A number of political parties, individuals related to politics, Journalism and civil society already condemned this vicious assault by rangers against the boy being named as ‘Sarfraz’.

This is not about a single case but about respect of human rights in this country, this is definitely a negative message to the world, specially when security forces individuals who are suppose to protect us are found killing the people even when they had a chance to arrest him and bring in front of court. Or even they had him in custody. This matter must not be met with leniency. I would name this event as murder by rangers, anyone else have any better idea?

Update – June 11: Chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chahudary had took the Suo Moto notice of the event, the two culprits were arrested and brought in front of Supreme court on June 10th 2011, court have granted the five day remand against those two of rangers. After five days court will again here on the case.

Court also told IG Police Sindh and DG Rangers Sindh to leave their positions or else advised the Sindh government to hold their salaries till further notice. Reason told by court was these people tried to hide the facts from court and in a way tried to protect the culprits. However government disagree on this from court and will bring forward an application to court in coming days to review the decision about IG Police Sindh and DG Rangers Sindh. According to government the act of killing was act of few individuals involved, IG Police and DG Rangers have nothing to do with it, so they must be allowed to continue their services.

One thing for sure after this case came on to the media with that video footage these people changed their stance otherwise everyone from officials were blaming ‘Sarfraz’, the victim of the event.

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Update 2 – June 11: Police have seek the custody of four remaining rangers who were there at crime scene. The two rangers Shahid Zafar and Muhammad Afzal are already in custody of police. Also Afsar Khan who in video footage seen dragging the Sarfraz towards rangers and was in plain cloths, is already in police custody.

Update – June 12: Rangers have handed over their remaining four personals involved in Karachi’s young boy’s extra judicial killing. Police had seek custody of these four rangers’ personal yesterday as mentioned above in previous update.

Every murder is not target killing claims government

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Currently target killing is the biggest problem of Karachi. People are scare of leaving their houses and going to public places in fear that they will even be able to come back safely or not. Now for months the conditions are same and getting worse day by day, government which was supposed to take some solid measures to put an end to such a violence seems to come up with excuses every now and then.

Now in a recent conversation with media the interior minister said that every murder can’t be said the target killing. Yes this is very true you can’t categorize every murder as target killing but you can’t use this as an excuse for Karachi as the massive amount of killings in that city are the target killings.

And even despite those killings are target killings or just murders it is responsibility of those who are in power to stop such a violence. If the correct measures would have taken on time, the target killing of Karachi would have been very much thing of the past but we are just used to listen these kind of lame excuses.

Its target killing or not, it does not matter at all, everything which matters is how the current people in power are handling these things, they better take care of these things soon or wait for people to finally decide to wake up and not to choose them in next elections. Allah Bless this country.

KESC goes online against theft of electricity

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KESC Facebook ad

Karachi electricity supply company which is responsible for providing the electricity to Karachi have finally decided to deal with the electricity theft in the city. As part of this campaign they have made use online medium along with the use of conventional media like TV and newspaper ads.

Most recently they have been seen making use of a social network called Facebook using their proper advertisement feature. They have maintained a Facebook as well to connect with people effectively. Also they are maintaining a YouTube channel as well.

It is actually a positive step that along with normal online advertisements now Pakistani Organizations are now using the social networks to promote themselves and to connect with people. They way they will be better able to get the consumer feedback directly and will be better able to know what the consumers think about them.

The current campaign being promoted using all kind of media including online mediums is called “They Steal, We Pay” or “Wo Karein, Hum Bharain” in Urdu. This is against those culprits who steal the electricity and consequently other consumers end up paying for them to fulfill the electricity costs. This campaign from this Electric Supply Company shows that they are finally now up to deal the issues in order to improve their distribution network.

The current campaign is not only limited to the promotion, in fact they are tracking out the individuals who are committing this crime, registering the FIRs against them and also publishing their names as well as addresses in newspapers in their ads.

People across the country who committing the crime of electricity theft crime must stop from today, any of such campaign can deal with you bitterly and can make you exposed in front souls huge in number.

KESC Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/KESC-Official/171879877110

KESC YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/kescofficial

Finally more and more organizations must follow the way KESC using Social media in order to connect with people and getting the valuable feedback.

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Vehicle loaded with explosives caught on the way to Karachi

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A vehicle loaded with the at least 20 KG of explosives was just on the way to Karachi and have been caught. The bomb disposal squad have just been called. Exact information about the type and exact quantity of explosives will be available after the explosive stuff is inspected by bomb disposal squad.

Two people were caught along with this vehicle. Further investigations about their targets etc are underway, we will be back with updates as soon as we get more info on this.