Every murder is not target killing claims government

Currently target killing is the biggest problem of Karachi. People are scare of leaving their houses and going to public places in fear that they will even be able to come back safely or not. Now for months the conditions are same and getting worse day by day, government which was supposed to take some solid measures to put an end to such a violence seems to come up with excuses every now and then.

Now in a recent conversation with media the interior minister said that every murder can’t be said the target killing. Yes this is very true you can’t categorize every murder as target killing but you can’t use this as an excuse for Karachi as the massive amount of killings in that city are the target killings.

And even despite those killings are target killings or just murders it is responsibility of those who are in power to stop such a violence. If the correct measures would have taken on time, the target killing of Karachi would have been very much thing of the past but we are just used to listen these kind of lame excuses.

Its target killing or not, it does not matter at all, everything which matters is how the current people in power are handling these things, they better take care of these things soon or wait for people to finally decide to wake up and not to choose them in next elections. Allah Bless this country.

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