Unarmed boy Killed by Rangers in Karachi Pakistan

Karachi a young boy named as “Sarfraz” was killed when he was in custody on rangers and rangers brutally opened fire being Judge, Jury and executioners themselves. Boy was clearly posing no threat to the rangers as he was fully unarmed and was even asking for polite stance from rangers.

No rule of law in entire world allow anyone to do such a vicious act, this is clearly a murder and must be met by murder charges on the person who fired the gun shots on that unarmed boy. The human rights organizations must come forward to bring the dead to the justice by making sure that killer is brought in front of a court.

Even after this vicious assault the DG Rangers seems defending the act via statement that it was crossfire, clearly boy is unarmed, lets see following footage of event and discuss other stuff after that. Have a look.

Rangers also found involved in such events in past where in Karachi people were killed the gun shot of a ranger but this was unique event where the person deliberately make sure to kill the victim making sure that he does not make it to life.

Orders of action against the rangers already came from Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Interior Minister Rehman Malik, hope on ground the steps are taken to bring the soul of dead to justice as no offense against him proved yet.

Also Sharjeel Memon who is Sindh information minister told that strict action will be taken in this regard. A number of political parties, individuals related to politics, Journalism and civil society already condemned this vicious assault by rangers against the boy being named as ‘Sarfraz’.

This is not about a single case but about respect of human rights in this country, this is definitely a negative message to the world, specially when security forces individuals who are suppose to protect us are found killing the people even when they had a chance to arrest him and bring in front of court. Or even they had him in custody. This matter must not be met with leniency. I would name this event as murder by rangers, anyone else have any better idea?

Update – June 11: Chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chahudary had took the Suo Moto notice of the event, the two culprits were arrested and brought in front of Supreme court on June 10th 2011, court have granted the five day remand against those two of rangers. After five days court will again here on the case.

Court also told IG Police Sindh and DG Rangers Sindh to leave their positions or else advised the Sindh government to hold their salaries till further notice. Reason told by court was these people tried to hide the facts from court and in a way tried to protect the culprits. However government disagree on this from court and will bring forward an application to court in coming days to review the decision about IG Police Sindh and DG Rangers Sindh. According to government the act of killing was act of few individuals involved, IG Police and DG Rangers have nothing to do with it, so they must be allowed to continue their services.

One thing for sure after this case came on to the media with that video footage these people changed their stance otherwise everyone from officials were blaming ‘Sarfraz’, the victim of the event.

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Update 2 – June 11: Police have seek the custody of four remaining rangers who were there at crime scene. The two rangers Shahid Zafar and Muhammad Afzal are already in custody of police. Also Afsar Khan who in video footage seen dragging the Sarfraz towards rangers and was in plain cloths, is already in police custody.

Update – June 12: Rangers have handed over their remaining four personals involved in Karachi’s young boy’s extra judicial killing. Police had seek custody of these four rangers’ personal yesterday as mentioned above in previous update.

17 thoughts on “Unarmed boy Killed by Rangers in Karachi Pakistan

  1. Zalimo ne marte marte usse ek goont pani tak ka nahi pilaya chaye jo bhi tha wo per ek insaan zaroor tha

    yeh musalman logo apni akhrat sawanroo k wo wakt door nahi ab jab hooga hushar ma samna apne amoola ka.

    ALLAH hidayat de sab musalmano ko.

  2. wat is happend its really hurting, I know that if my brother is supposed to there at the boy place, my anger and emotions would to difficult to control, but here I want to add one thing every day I our country, in our city, this accident is on the camera, there are lot of cases which are of the camera. Why this is happing with us. Wat is happened with boy, his relative(s) will do the same? Think about

  3. a.oa. es ranjer waly ko bhe ese tarha or ese jaga khara kar ky mary or ese tarha tarpaen take esebhe pta chaly ky ktny takleef hote hy

  4. Some Facts about murder of a boy by rangers in Karachi.
    It is a fact that boy has done some wrong thing, that was the reason that he was so much frightened and was begging pardon from rangers personnel.
    Due to some wrong doing boy have become hyperactive and emotional.
    Boy was not going to be calm down instead of many instructions of ranger’s personnel.
    Boy instead of becoming calm down and staying on its place was moving forward towards personnel who was having most sophisticated weapon, which is making the move of boy suspicious and causing irritation and alarm in rangers personnel.
    It is fact that ranger person who has fired on boy is also looking like a boy and not a mature person.
    It was the responsibility of other ranger’s personnel to keep away the boy from the young ranger’s person who was having most sophisticated person.
    But other rangers personnel are looking very confused and panic and don’t have ability to control a boy who in fact was caught and beaten initially by a single ranger person, but later on we find that 6 rangers person were unable to handle and control this young boy.
    After shooting rangers persons and public failed to help the boy which is a great crime against humanity, all rangers and civilian people who were present there including camera man should be brought to justice for not helping a boy who was wounded and was going to die.


    1. As you said, yes it may be and probably he had done something wrong but reason for being so much frightened was not that act. As in actual raw footage, it can be heard a person from rangers to other kill this one, just shoot him, also after that sound he was moving forward to only lower the gun end which was pointed at him, and was saying forgive me, and do not shoot.

      Even if he had done something (as they are telling) they had no right to shoot him or even physically torture in anyway before he is bring in front of court.

  5. These fucking bastards should be thrown in boiling oil. Poor guy, bought tears in my eyes. I could’nt even watch the whole video :'(

  6. Ye sab Pakistan ki tanasahi ko dikata hai. Waha wakai me Goverment Napunsak hai. Army ya ye Ranger ek terririst hai. Kuran ko pak mante hai par kuran me kahi nahi ikha hai ki ek nihtee ko mar dalo. Salo jab tumhe is tarah mara jaye to pata chalega.

    1. One thing for sure, human rights situation isn’t any better in India, was watching on TV how the farmers were being beaten by police in India just because they were asking for rights, also minorities are also in worst condition in India.

      Its time when we need to stop pointing fingers on each other and start doing any better stuff if we can or we can never have a second chance. Btw act of an individual can’t be termed as practice of whole organization or entity. Black sheep are everywhere but there are lot more good people.

  7. mera dil khoon k ansoo rota h ha agr us ki koi galti thi to us ko pyar s pochtay likn hamari rangers n acha ni kiya

  8. Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,
    It was indeed a gruesome event, I could not stomach to watch it in its entirety. No matter what anybody says, it was a cold blooded murder simple as that. May Allah forgive Sarfraz’s sins and grant him Jannah and give his family patience to endure this painful event involving their loved one, aameen.

    The law enforcement agencies need to train their personnel about citizen’s right, these are God given rights and not a favor by any means, here are those God given rights:
    1. Life
    2. Religion
    3. Dignity
    4. Intellect
    5. Progeny
    6. Wealth

    Each of the mentioned must be protected by the powers that be. They will be questioned on the day of judgement if they were negligent in preserving and protecting any of these.

    Thanks and Salaam.

  9. main bohat mohabat krta tha rangers se mai kuhd bhi rangers mai hona chata tha pr ab nahi …mai bohat pyaar krta hoon apne muslims bhaiyon se …ab i hate rangers…i fuck rangers..

  10. rangers hona nahi chaye humre molk mai….dafa kro rangers pulice hi sai ha …….pasey le kr to jane di hai…wara na mar na kon chata hai ….allah ka kam rangers ko nah krna chaye tha..

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