Government Fails in Solving Natural Gas Shortage Issues Once Again

Another year have passed, 2014 is ending soon but problems of People of Pakistan are still very much same. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) which came in power after making so much promises to Pakistani people have been unable to pay attention to more important issues. Major Problems Pakistani People are facing right now are related to Power and Natural Gas Shortage. Natural Gas Shortage was very much severe in last year had to be better this year according to ruling party PML-N as they were planning to import Liquid Natural Gas(LNG) in Dec 2014 and put on National household consumer distribution pipelines. But as we are approaching the December 2014, latest from government is they will not be able to […]

What Govt of Pakistan Should Focus on in Year 2014

As we discussed in our Year 2o13 in Pakistan’s Perspective post, year 2o13 was like just another average past year. The country’s and provincial governments were changed but people does not saw any much of positive stuff as compared to previous years. As 2013 ended, people of Pakistan have same issues. Which include, declining economy, declining currency, high inflation rates, law ‘n’ order situation, Health & Education issues, unemployment, shortages of commodities like Natural Gas & Electricity of domestic consumers, industries and businesses, corruption, Issue of drone strikes and much more. Year 2o14 is very important for newly elected provincial government and is specially important for newly elected Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) government in federal. They all need […]

People of Pakistan resort to dangerous gas pumping devices for their homes as govt sits idle

It is winter season, we have not seen the first rain of the season yet but as the temperatures are dropping the problem of Natural Gas Shortage is getting worse. Daily more and more house hold Natural Gas consumers are getting deprived of supply of gas supply in their burners and stoves, just let alone the room or water heaters. As the shortage issue raised people have started finding their ways to suck more gas out of Sui Nortren Gas Pipe Lines’ (SNGPL) network. Some AC and Refrigerator technicians have found new application of the gas compressors which are used in Refrigerators and ACs. They have started installing these compressors in homes of people, they run on electricity, so they […]

PMLN led government fails to deal with Gas and Power shortage issues in winter season

Year 2013 have almost ended, we are approaching 2014 with just two days remaining. The ruling party this year have changed but the problems of people of Pakistan are still the same. Winter season is on rise with chilling weather, temperatures are dropping and people are out of gas in their burners and stoves. PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) won elections this year with huge number of votes and they have stunning majority in Federal government as well as in Punjab (the highest populated province). Means the people have showed their full confidence in PML-N as they had made lots of promises about dealing with power and electricity shortages. Here we are people of Pakistan having same of those […]

CNG load shedding becomes real pain, Potohar region CNG stations flooded with vehicles

When it comes to CNG stations, Potohar region includes the Islamabad, Rawalpindi, areas from Attock to Jehlum and some other adjustment areas. According to government’s lame CNG load management plan on Fridays and Saturdays the CNG stations remain close in this region. Due to this the CNG pumps were kept flooded with vehicles today and specially this evening. So in cold weather when the gas in homes was available with low pressure, ‘getting CNG for vehicles’ was also made very difficult. So technically along with two CNG load shedding days getting the gas for the vehicle on the day before and day after are also very much difficult and waiting in long queues is mandatory for that. This means in […]