What Govt of Pakistan Should Focus on in Year 2014


As we discussed in our Year 2o13 in Pakistan’s Perspective post, year 2o13 was like just another average past year. The country’s and provincial governments were changed but people does not saw any much of positive stuff as compared to previous years. As 2013 ended, people of Pakistan have same issues. Which include, declining economy, declining currency, high inflation rates, law ‘n’ order situation, Health & Education issues, unemployment, shortages of commodities like Natural Gas & Electricity of domestic consumers, industries and businesses, corruption, Issue of drone strikes and much more.

Year 2o14 is very important for newly elected provincial government and is specially important for newly elected Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) government in federal. They all need to give their best to eradicate these problems of Pakistani people. As the main role is to be played by federal government, in first step they have to define the priorities and work on all issues in emergency to give relief to Pakistani people. So for PML-N have given imposition of new taxes and tariff heights which they claim, is for greater good of masses. I will however only believe this, if they perform in the Year 2014 and in coming years.

Lets go through the abandoned areas one by one where government need to pay attention.

Law ‘n’ Order Issue:

Along with other issues faced by Pakistani people, Government’s major attention should be on improving the Law ‘n’ Order situation in Pakistan. They need to deal with the extremist elements anyway possible. They need to address the Karachi situation. Government should not hesitate taking help from Army in Karachi. Only a major unbiased operation in Karachi can bring peace in the city. Main focus should be on un-arming the armed wings of Political parties in Karachi and then dealing with other blackmailers and land mafia etc.

In Karachi and other cities there is a need to eradicate the corruption from Police department and put them to some real work. First logical step would be to increase the pays of Police individuals which are very low as compared to their duties. Then next giving them more vehicles, replacing the old vehicles, specially the ones which look from stone age. New command and control centers must be established along with specialized quick response units. They must be given access to latest technology and tech gadgets to track the criminals via cell phones etc. Keeping an eye on them mush also be preference, so that they don’t ask people for bribe to perform their duties or to leave the criminals alone.

On same time some checks and balances are needed to be imposed on courts, so they can deal with more and more cases daily and provide the justice to people, for the thing the exist.

Drone strikes is another big issue, along with extremists the innocents are being killed by these drone strikes. So these are counter productive and putting hates in people who lose an innocent loved one. Either government of Pakistan have to run these strikes or they must be stopped. Dealing with any suspected terrorists on Pakistani soil is job of Pakistani government and no other country must be allowed to operate on our land.

Energy Crisis:

The energy crisis is next biggest issue country is facing. Pakistan is country with is blessed with so many natural resources. Government have to utilize them to deal with the energy crisis Pakistan is facing. According to survey done by foreign researchers, Pakistan have potential of generating the whooping 140 thousand megawatts only by using the winds blowing across the nation and specially in wide open areas of Baluchistan province, let alone the potential of solar or other alternatives like coal which is available in access in country. Where as Pakistan’s total consumption in peak season reaches 18000 MWs. Major work in required by government to fix the issue of electricity shortage in country this year. We are facing worse load shedding even in off peak season.

From last few years Pakistani domestic as well as the industrial/commercial consumers are facing low gas pressures specially in winters. In peak season stoves and burners of People’s homes get cold with no gas available. Even some people have started installing dangerous equipment to pump gas to their homes due to no gas pressure. These things do make the situations worse for the whole neighborhood.

The Baluchistan province is known to be rich with huge underground storage. Only explorations have be made on more areas to make use of these oil and natural gas underground resources. For temporary quick relief of People govt should also consider importing the natural gas. Iran Pakistan pipeline is one abandoned project govt can think of resuming.

So in 2014 government have to not only deal with gas and electricity shortages but they also have to deal with malpractices people are adopting to pump gas to their homes. These practices are not only illegal, they risk human lives. If not addressed soon every household will have to install one such device to grab their own share of Gas.

Health and Education:

Pakistan over the last few years overall seen some improvement in education sector overall but the health situation got worse with insufficient health facilities, non serious staff and nearly no checks and balances on staff in Public sector hospitals. Public sector hospitals also lack equipment and even equipment available to them is too old. Huge improvements needed. More and more hospitals are to be constructed and existing have to be improved. Also, corruption is one big issue in public sector hospitals, big scandals of selling the free medicines out of hospital to get illegal money, giving the substandard medicines in hospitals and other such worse cases were reported by media last year. Govt should better deal with these issues now.

More and more schools, collages and universities are to be opened across the country. Current numbers are not enough with population increasing exponentially. Checks and balances on staff to current schools and collages are to be imposed and specially it have to be make sure that schools in far flung areas are given equal attention and resources, so they can run smoothly. Provision of modern technology and free education facility up to higher education must be the goal.


Its another big issue Pakistan is facing. Every department having people which are eating the public money. Bribe is demanded from people to perform daily duties. This situation have to be made better. Even politician themselves are not free from it, a strong system is to be devised which could challenge everyone even biggest of leaders when they suspect that anyone is involved in corruption. Only a corruption free government, which is loyal to people can take these steps. PML-N are you that party who will do this for people this year?

Economic Downturns and unemployment:

Above mentioned energy crisis, corruption and law ‘n’ order issues, if addressed will put our economy on right track. From there government have to pay attention on railways, PIA and other such publicity owned bodies to not only make some profit from them but give relief to people then also creating new jobs for people.

Lots more in Pakistan need the attention and devotion of elected governments but the above mentioned stuff should be priority to put country back on track and to give relief to people of Pakistan. Its also only way for governments if they want votes in next elections as people are getting smarter and they will only vote you next time, if you will really put forward some good work and give them relief.



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