People of Pakistan resort to dangerous gas pumping devices for their homes as govt sits idle

gas compressor to increase pressure - Very DangerousIt is winter season, we have not seen the first rain of the season yet but as the temperatures are dropping the problem of Natural Gas Shortage is getting worse. Daily more and more house hold Natural Gas consumers are getting deprived of supply of gas supply in their burners and stoves, just let alone the room or water heaters.

As the shortage issue raised people have started finding their ways to suck more gas out of Sui Nortren Gas Pipe Lines’ (SNGPL) network. Some AC and Refrigerator technicians have found new application of the gas compressors which are used in Refrigerators and ACs. They have started installing these compressors in homes of people, they run on electricity, so they suck the gas of whole area in this case most of houses sit idle with no Gas the one with these compressors have more than enough gas sucked towards their stoves.

It just not stopped here, now small gas pumps are available in the markets, which are really easy to install in homes. They are being sold in prices from 1500 to 6000 Pakistani Rupee.

Story does not end here, these compressors and Gas Pumps are really very dangerous. If you are not careful, a blast in your home is evident, it could blow your gas line and even a major mishap could happen involving life and death situations.

Now come the responsibilities of Gas supply companies like SNGPL and SSGPL, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and Pakistani government. But none of these have played their role to eradicate such dangerous devices or even stopping people from installing them. Meanwhile, these devices are openly being sold in market. Using any of such device is nothing less then putting your family on risk for smooth supply of gas.

If one home in a neighborhood installs such device, the already low pressure of gas almost dies for other houses, then if one or two more houses install them, the stoves of other homes just die with no gas at all, so what happens is everyone have to resort to one of such device for getting the gas. The circle goes back to the initial situation but now along with gas everyone will also be using power, as they cook food. And who doesn’t know here that we are currently going through power crisis here in Pakistan, so it must be conserved.

Government, OGRA or even the gas supply companies have fully failed to play their roles to stop such malpractices. People of Pakistan have just got one more ticking bomb which could kill them earlier than they should. Yet again the Politicians and Ruling party are showing no concern.

Its just not assumptions, blasts did happened in couple of cities and more could happen if its not controlled. Even the Gas supply pipes would start to raptures due to extensive vacuum which is created by these gas sucking devices resulting in loss of Natural Gas.

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3 thoughts on “People of Pakistan resort to dangerous gas pumping devices for their homes as govt sits idle

    1. Yes you are correct, however enforcing the law is responsibility of Government. I here can try to convince someone but if he/she is not, there is nothing much I can do. Now situation is so bad in our area here is, when I open a heater or burner at my home, instead of any gas coming our, it starts sucking the air due to vacuum that is generated inside pipes due to excessive use of gas pumps by people around. There is nothing much we can do except trying to convince someone and the soul purpose of this article was the same, to bring awareness about such equipment.

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