How to report theft of your mobile phone in Pakistan

If someone have snatched or stolen your phone in Pakistan, well you can report the robbery or theft your mobile phone to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This way phone would be blocked and thief would not be able to sell it further. Also, some investigations will also be launched, so you also have slight chance of getting your phone back. In case you get your cell phone back, it would be unblocked so you can use if freely. Before going on to the procedure lets see what we need in order to report theft, in case our phone is stolen. IMEI of cell phone¬† – This is sometimes available on box of your phone, also you can get it by […]

How to register complaint against a cell phone or landline number in Pakistan

This topic covers how to and where to register your complaint if someone is threatening or annoying you with unnecessary phone calls or text messages from a cell phone or landline number in Pakistan. Unfortunately despite the many campaigns by PTA still there are cell phone connections/SIMs out there which are not registered to any one at all and being used or registered to wrong people other than real users. So before registering one such complaint a thought about the culprit using unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM may stop you from registering the complaint, but this not the way how things work now. Now even if someone is annoying you from an unregistered or incorrectly registered SIM card, you can […]

Register complaints against email or website hacking in Pakistan, Complain against online identity theft in Pakistan

Now like other countries of world also in Pakistan the Crime Investigations Cyber Crimes division is actively working. This department is working under Federal Investigations Authority(FIA) and Named as National Response Center for Cyber Crimes (NR3C). Scope of their work is not limited to Identity theft or hacking etc, they are responsible to take care of all kinds of potential illegal activity which may take place using online mediums inside Pakistan. They also provide the ways through which people can complain against any kind of online illegal activity and actively monitor and investigate the complaints submitted to them. Complaints may vary on variety of issues, e.g. If you are running a website and someone have hacked that website, just register […]

How to complain against cell phone operators, ISPs or landLine operators in Pakistan

In our country lots of times we come across the poor technical or customer support by the Cell Phone operators, Land line operator like PTCL or Internet Service Providers. At times you continuously keep getting the low quality services other than what you have expected from a service providers and complaining many times to their customer support numbers you don’t get any good response. Well in past we had very much less choices and we always had to rely upon the customer support service of the telecom operators. But now things are lot much different, now we have the proper check and balance mechanism, if you can not getting the full value from the services you acquire, you can complain […]