How to report theft of your mobile phone in Pakistan

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report stolen phone in pakistanIf someone have snatched or stolen your phone in Pakistan, well you can report the robbery or theft your mobile phone to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This way phone would be blocked and thief would not be able to sell it further. Also, some investigations will also be launched, so you also have slight chance of getting your phone back. In case you get your cell phone back, it would be unblocked so you can use if freely.

Before going on to the procedure lets see what we need in order to report theft, in case our phone is stolen.

  • IMEI of cell phone  – This is sometimes available on box of your phone, also you can get it by press *#06# from your phone. So whenever you purchase a new phone, run this code on your phone and save it with you so you can use it in case your phone is stolen or something. For people who already lost their phone, only option is to search for IMEI code on box or any papers/manuals inside box of phone.
  • Cell Phone Number – Next obviously you will need to provide the phone number of SIM you have been using with that phone, so phone could be tracked. But remember in order to file the complaint the SIM should be issued in your name.
  • Other Info – In addition to above two items you will also need to provide your Name, National ID Card Number (NIC), your Address and a Contact Number for further contact.

So here is how you would report robbery of your phone

  1. Call Police (15): Very first step you have to follow is to call police at their number 15 after your phone have been stolen or snatched.
  2. Call PTA: Then you need to call PTA  at their toll free number 0800-256 25 to report your loss along with all the info we have mentioned above. For any questions etc you can also email PTA at, but for complaints its effective to use their toll free number, which is mentioned above.
  3. Call Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC): Next call CPLC at 021-35662222 to report theft. Also their fax number is 021-35683336 and their web address is They also have web form which you could use to complaint, its here.

After following the above three steps you are now done with the complaint and hope for the best. Even if you don’t get your cell phone back, one thing for sure, the snatcher would not be able to use or sell your phone to anyone else. Above written complaint procedure may be bit lengthy and can take your 20 to 30 minutes but its worth following. As you have some chances of getting your phone back, if not, the thief would not be able to use or sell it. Its in fact our responsibility to follow such procedures in events of theft or robbery, it would help lowering the crime rate.

One more thing, if you are going to purchase a used phone, you can make sure that its not stolen by entering the IMEI of phone, to this IMEI search form provided by PTA. Remember, you can get IMEI number of any cell phone by press the code *#06# from that phone. This online database of stolen IMEI is bit out dated at the moment but I am sure it is updated every few months. Currently it is showing that it was updated about four months ago in March 2013.

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How to get life time token for your car in punjab, easy steps

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life time token for carAbout couple of days ago as I shared my horrible experience of getting life time token for my car. It was horrible because there was no guidance there and also I didn’t knew the process either. I will now elaborate the whole process in easy steps which you have to follow, that will make your experience much easier. You can also read my experience about getting the life time token, if you want.

These steps are valid for Punjab only, also remember now in Punjab for cars up to 1000cc you have to get life time token in any condition, cars up to 1000 cc can’t get yearly token now. So it would be one time process.

So what you have to do is,

1. As soon as you reach “Excise and taxation office” of your city, go directly to photocopier to grab a form, now if your car is old and you have payed some token earlier, a specific amount from each token you will enter into the form for each year. E.g. for me from 1490, for each year 540 was counted for each year. Also for any missing previous token receipt, your amount will be not counted. If you have many receipts missing, then you must go first to post office and get a certificate about how many money was paid here. This all amount will have to minus from 10,000 rupees and you will have to pay the rest.

2. Then after filling the form, you will have to go to an officer, who will assess how much you have to pay. The copier in step one will guide you about the room, its called room 2B in Rawalpindi excise office. He will write your to be paid amount in red. Also, he will write two other amounts too, these are additional taxes which you will have to pay. As form is confusing so i thought, its what i have paid, but take good cash with you. Your final bill could be from 5 to 15 thousand.

3. Now rush to a window marked with letters of your car, i.e. if your number is RIA 3949 you will find a window which have along with other initials also have RIA, there you will pay, get a receipt and stamp on your registration book. now go back to the room I described as 2B. Get signed your book here and you are free now. I was gone back to line of my window as I thought they still have to give me that sticker receipt they mentioned on book, but no, you are free and have token paid for life. Enjoy!

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