How to get tax exemption for vacant property from any cantonment in Pakistan

Do you know, if you own a property which is or has been vacant for whole year, you can take a tax exemption for it from Cantonment Board. The process of tax exemption is same in all cantonment (cantt) boards across Pakistan. The property could be of any type, it could be a house, a shop or any other kind of property, which is vacant and not being used for any purpose. For taking tax exemption from cantt board on vacant property, you will need following documents in the process. Attested CNIC of Owner Electricity bill of property Vacant Property Tax Exemption Application Form (Available at cantt offices upon arrival) Steps involved in taking tax exemption for vacant property are […]

How to get Divorce Certificate from any cantonment office in Pakistan

If you live in Cantonment (Cantt) area and if in an unfortunate event, you and your spouse gone through a divorce, you will need a divorce certificate to make it official. You will need this document many times later on in different kind of legal or other government related processes. So for your ease, we have brought you the details of process for you. Documents required for divorce certificate Divorce Deed (A stamp paper which pronounces divorce) Applicant’s ID Card Photocopy (Attested) Divorcee’s ID Card Photocopy (Attested) Nikah Nama Photocopy Registered envelopes with ID Card Copies (For mailing back the certificate to both parties) Divorce Certificate Application Form Process of Divorce Certificate Application at Cantt Office Reach Cantonment (Cantt) office […]

How to get Death Certificate of a deceased relative from any Cantonment in Pakistan

When someone dies there is a death certificate which is given by hospital but there is a more authentic death certificate document which you have to get later. This will be used in all kind of legal and other kind of requirements. In case the deceased person was resident of any Cantonment (Cantt) area of Pakistan, you will have to take this official Death Certificate from any office of same Cantt Board. To get death certificate of someone you must be their blood relative. The process of getting the death certificate from any Cantt Board office in Pakistan will involve following documents and requirements. Deceased CNIC Photocopy Attested Detail of Blood Relation with Application Depositor Depositor’s CNIC Photocopy Hospital Death […]

How to get Marriage Certificate from any cantonment office in Pakistan

If you live in any cantt area in Pakistan, you will then need to get the marriage certificate from cantonment board office to properly get your marriage registered with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), so that a new family number can be alloted to your for ID Cards of you, your spouse and future documents of your children. You can get marriage certificate from cantonment board office in few easy steps, following is the list of documents you will need to submit in the process. Nikah Nama Form “C” Photocopy of Groom’s CNIC Photocopy of Groom’s Father’s CNIC Photocopy of Bride’s CNIC Photocopy of Bride’s Father’s CNIC Application Form (Will be available at Cantt Office) Steps to get marriage […]

How to get your child’s Birth Certificate from any Cantonment in Pakistan

There are three kinds of Birth Certificates, which you need to get after birth of your child. And you need all those. First one is the one, which hospital provides after birth of your child. As next step you submit hospital provided child certificate to your Cantonment Board or Union Council if you do not live in Cantt area. Then final one is Child Certificate by nadra, for which you need the one which Cantonment Board or otherwise Union Council office have provided you. This specific post is for people who live any Cantonment or Cantt area of Pakistan and its a guide with full steps on how to get birth certificate from cantonment for your newborn baby or your […]