PTI Gives Schedule for Azadi March and decide to March in Small Groups

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) chairman Imran Khan is scheduled to leave from Lahore with other PTI leaders and supporters/participants of Azadi March after 10 am on 14th August. To stop PTI’s Azadi March Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Led Federal and Punjab government have started arresting the workers of PTI.

But according to PTI, arresting the PTI workers will only heighten their morals and they are destined to reach Islamabad, no matter what happens. Also in last few days in every press conference and in every speech the chairman of PTI Imran Khan have repeatedly said that they have already given lots of time to government, they will not do any compromise now and PTI’s Azadi March will take place in any case whatsoever.

PTI Flag as it prepares for Azadi March

Also Imran Khan have reportedly told media that they are now well passed the stage of negotiations with PML-N or Nawaz Sharif, now only negotiations can happen after Azadi March reaches the capital city Islamabad. On other hand Government is moving it every part and department to stop long march. They have put countless shipping containers on all small and big highways, roads, unpaved paths and even streets in area diameter of 500 KMs all the way from Lahore to Capital city Islamabad and its twin city of Rawalpindi.

Qadri – Who’s inqilab march is taking place on same date – as well as Imran Khan and followers of both of these leaders posses the views that in constitution of Pakistan nothing stops anyone from protesting peacefully and all the efforts of current PML-N led government are unconstitutional.

Azadi March’s leaders and workers are very well prepared to remove the containers and other hurdles government have set in their way from Lahore to Islamabad. They have arranged their personal crane and other equipment which will help remove the government’s hurdles. Government have placed containers to stop roads and they time have stacked them onto each other, not only this they are filled with dirt, sand and concrete so they can’t be moved easily. Plus lots of dirt is placed around containers to increase problems of participants of Azadi March. On lots of places holes are dug on roads to slow down the Azadi Marchers. Even dirt filled shipping containers, surrounded by dirt are further surrounded by barbed wire.

PML-N have placed several hundred layers of containers and accompanying hurdles in the way of Azadi March, so the speculation wouldn’t be wrong that Azadi March and Inqilab march can take days to reach Islamabad. However, despite all these hurdles the PTI workers’ moral are high and according to Imran Khan they are destined to reach the capital city in any case.

Dunya News reports about Azadi March schedule like following.

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