Pakistan witnessed more than 49000 reported deaths in so called regarding war on terror

war against terrorAn Indian news article, based on news reports from Pakistan stated that 49000 Pakistanis lost their lives in activities regarding war on terrorism. These include innocent people died in blasts and attacks on civilian population as retaliation to actions against so called militants residing on Pakistani soil.

This number is much more than the reported number stated above. As lots of deaths would never have been reported. Some here believe that thing have been mishandled by previous governments, specially Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Zardari led political party in power.

For example, they were unable to settle terms about drone attacks with United States on Pakistani soil. Which, Americans say, were carried out to target militants but according to all the surveys carried out on national and international level, most of affected people of drone attacks were innocent civilians including women and children. Success rate of targeting militants was as low as less than 5% of total causalities. Plus Pakistani government would have decided terms and would have been part of the operation on Pakistani soil to make sure the good guys are not hurt.

Reason for mentioning the drone attacks was that, due to these drone attacks when relatives of civilians started to die, it made them furious and made them attack other civilians in cities. It worsened the law in order situation badly, so some of friends also turned in foes.

Also only one way solution was imposed on people of Pakistan, that was bombarding some full areas of country, giving people other option, many say, in some areas the dialog would have been better solution, not only for Pakistan but also for International community. But somehow so called our leaders were not able to do that.

May Allah bless Pakistan, bless it with honest leadership, who are able to make the right decision and put Pakistan back on the Path of economic development. Change will come soon, it will come from your vote, do choose the right person when you vote in upcoming elections.

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