Lahore Fort, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore fort is situated in northwestern corner of the Walled City of Lahore. It is also referred as Shahi Qilla, was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar(1956 -1605) and was regularly upgraded by rulers coming after him. It have total of 14 gates. Following few pictures were captured on my recent visit to Lahore. Follows the second shot of main entrance. High quality extra large size pictures are available on demand. Enjoy!

Bus crash near Islamabad 14 died and 40 injured

A bus traveling from Karachi when reached in Peshawar area lost its breaks in hilly area and fell down in a ravine. The ravine depth was about 40 meter. This left 14 people dead and other 40 were seriously injured. Bus was heading from Karachi to Thah Kot in mountain ranges of Kohistan. The dead include three women, five children and six others. The brakes of the bus failed when it was heading on a road called zigzag road, after driver was unable to control the bus went strait into that 40 meter deep ravine. Pakistan have world third largest number of death rate via traffic accidents majorly caused by bad condition of roads and significantly old public transport vehicles.

Pakistan energy crisis, the dark age

It is really unfortunate that in age when other nations are done with all their basic needs and busy in advance researches and exploring space, Pakistan have been unsuccessful in coping with the people’s basic needs. This is not because this good country does not have any natural resources or does not capable of do the required stuff but the only reason for downfall is lack of planning by the governments of all times. Now one till date have taken things seriously. If we talk of energy crisis, why is Pakistan in trouble in terms of energy, no past government have seriously planned about power provision according to the needs in future. Once there was a time when Pakistan had […]

Police registers FIR against former president Musharraf

Tuesday, 9am police registered FIR against the former President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf. FIR was registered about his acts against judges of superior courts. Charges include dismissing the judges illegally and detaining the judges and their families to their houses. According to FIR these acts were performed illegally in collaboration with some of other judges which were also appointed by Musharraf illegally. Contents of FIR charge Musharraf with many things which include, damaging the judicial system of Pakistan, causing the mental torture to the lawyers and civilian population of Pakistan. Also he is charged with bringing the bad name to Pakistan all over the world. Police team have been already formed which will investigate the matter under supervision of […]

11 more militants die and 28 arrested in a military operation

As part of on going military offensive by Pakistan army, another operation was conducted in swat and Malakand areas. In the operation about 11 more militants were killed and security forces were able to arrest 28 more militants. Along with the others captured from different areas of swat and Malakand seven of the militants belonged to Sufi Muhammad group, these handed over themselves to security forces in Mohmand Agency. The captured people also include a militants’ commander named as Kabir. Military also recovered¬† some looted items from the captured militants in some areas. Also four suspected militants were arrested with arms in Chor Banda.