Harnoi Lake Abbottabad with flowing water stream is so Calming and Beautiful (video)

If you live anywhere in 200 to 300 KM Radious of Abbottabad, you must check out the Harnoi Lake. Its flowing water stream and the waterfall is a sight worth seeing. You must visit yourself, but before you can do that, checkout this video compiled from short clips of my last harnoi abbottabad visit. If you are woundering, following is how the place looks like but in the video above you will see its real beauty.

Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad (Video/Details)

Pakistan Museum of Natural History is situated near Shakarparian Islamabad. It is one of those places, there is a chance you would have passed from nearby but not have thought whats inside. Basically, it just looks like a govt building from outside but when you decide to inside, you wounder, why didn’t you visited earlier. Skulls, bones and statues of many animals can be found inside. Specially the full body bones of big elephant, very big juraph and big blue whale can be found inside, in form of full body bones statue or skeleton. Similarly multiple statues are dinosaurs are there inside, which are motorized, they move and make noises. There are lots of geological models of Pakistan’s geological sites […]

Khanpur Dam, A Great Tourist Attraction

The Khanpur dam is a beautiful tourism place as well as water reservoir which was built in 15 years of time at the cost of Rs. 1,352 million. It is 167 feet high and stores 110,000-acre feet of water. Khanpur dam is located on the River Herno in the village of Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and was constructed during the era of President Ayub Khan. This dam is 40 km away from Islamabad and the best source of water supplies for twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi and the different parts of Punjab. What Will Tourists have at Dam? Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has made this place attractive for tourists and people from far areas come to enjoy swimming, boating, strolling and bathing […]

Neela Sandh Picnic Spot – Islamabad’s Very Own Waterfall

It will sure be very surprising to even the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi that outskirts of Islamabad actually host a waterfall and adjoined natural swimming pools. This Waterfall runs throughout the year. Not only this, this is very beautiful place. Neela Sandh Islamabad Pakistan is a picnic spot which is worth visiting, not only this, this is only 38 KM away from mainstream Islamabad city which is only about 55 Minutes drive. But as soon as you reach there, you will realize, you have been missing a very beautiful natural phenomenon in your backyard. As far as exact location is concerned, sit back and relax, we have got you covered today with pics, videos and maps. We will even […]

Tourism pictures taken near Abbottabad and Murree in Pakistan

Some of these pictures were taken in different areas of Abbottabad, some in Murree and number of them taken on the way to Murree from the Abbottabad. All these pictures depict a little portion of beauty Allah (God) have gifted to the Northern Pakistan. Do follow us on facebook and twitter to have much more info that matters, also you can subscribe to our email updates, all from right side of this page.