90000 locals moved out fearing Army operation in South Waziristan

As Pakistan army is to pursue an operation against the militants hiding in the South Waziristan region, fearing the intense fight between Pakistan security forces and the hiding Taliban, 90000 locals have moved out of South Waziristan. The people who came out have been shifted to safe places in the Dera Ismail Khan and tank. It is expected that more people will be leaving their homes in coming soon as the air strikes and the fight on ground is going to be on peak soon. Previously in Pakistan Army’s Operation Rah-e-Raast about two million people had to leave their homes and the shelters were provided by Government in nearby area. Soon after within three months the swat area was cleaned […]

28000 troops move in to clear South Waziristan

Security forces of Pakistan are now constantly having the attacks on south Waziristan areas to clear up the hiding militants. They have been doing many air attacks from few days to target different enemy positions but now on Friday the security forces also launched the artillery attack along with the air attack. About 28000 troops have been deployed around the South Waziristan region to cope with the Taliban militants. More of them can be moved in as per requirement. Currently army and air force have been launching attacks to selected enemy positions to weaken their defense. As the time passes the attacks would be intense. As after security forces had decided to attack and clean South Waziristan region, in past […]

The dark age continues, Govt still says, lights ahead

In 2008 first time the ruling party had claimed that the load shedding will be taken away from the people of Pakistan once and for all on 31st Dec, 2008.  But they didn’t make it, in fact they were not able to bring any improvement. The things were better before, as compared to their rule. Soon after the ruling party changed their statements, probably they would have checked and planned on back-end, they came up saying the issue of power shortage will be resolved till the June 2009 and the people would have to bare with them. This time this seem to bit realistic and people thought, ok believe them. But again, as history repeats itself, ruling party was unable […]

Release of 100 was demanded by GHQ attackers

Major General Ather Abbas the military spokesman talked to the media on Monday and revealed the detailed information about the GHQ attack and operation in reply. He told that initially ten militants had attacked the GHQ building and five of them were actually taken down on first check post.  Overall death-toll at GHQ was 23 people. The attackers who were able to get through and held 42 hostages had their demands as well. They had initially demanded the release of 100 militants. These militants were arrested in different terrorism incidents, this was there initial demand and most likely more were coming up. But commando forces of Pakistan make this impossible for them be in position of getting any of demands […]

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We have been consistently improving our website to deliver information to more and more people. Now latest effort in this regard is that we have setup a feed which you can subscribe for via Email or a reader. Readers include your iGoogle page, your yahoo my page or many more. For getting the updates from infoPakistan.pk to right inside your email inbox you have to just put in your email address inside the email subscription box in right side-bar, click subscribe and follow the steps. Second option is to get the updates via feed readers like iGoogle, MyYahoo page or many such other feed reading systems which provide you the facility to add different feeds in boxes and updates are […]