KSE-100 index falls, economic downturn continues

Karachi Stock ExchangeKSE-1oo index dropped 3.36% and closed at 9247.78 today. Over the past month or two after the security situation became better in the country, 100-index was increasing significantly and lots of foreign investment was coming in seeing the improved security situation. But soon after the security situation in the country worsen again, the foreign investment again not coming in and 100-index fell significantly.

As there were serious attack threats all over the country and all education institutions were closed looking the bad security situation the foreign buyers’ trust jolted. As Pakistani security forces are at decisive war against the militants hiding in South Waziristan, on other hand these militants are targeting the normal public in the country to pressurize the security agencies and make them give-up on war. This situation have affected the economy of country significantly.

2 thoughts on “KSE-100 index falls, economic downturn continues

  1. Yes right according to the changing political situations KSE index was also suffering and whenever situation got any better market started growing. Will definitely be normal as soon as army is done with culprits hiding in the Waziristan.

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